Maybe We Should Take a Break

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, I haven't been very good at updating ye olde blog lately. So, just to keep the Pop Eye faithful from sobbing into their Twinkies and beer while repeatedly refreshing only to find the same stale post (just let me have this dream, OK?), I thought I would make an official announcement that I'm taking a little break. This is not a euphemism for "giving up blogging for good." I mean, I have to return near the end of the year to inflict my "best of" lists upon the world. And of course I need to be here at the beginning of next year, when American Idol inflicts itself upon the world. I just need a break. Yes, that means you can see other blogs. No, this doesn't mean you can bang that slut from the copy store.

I also need to think some more about the future of this blog. I mentioned before that I had been thinking about getting a real dot com site and just making The Pop Eye one part of it. I'm still thinking about it. I guess I could post or link to other stuff that I've written/am writing there. And maybe I could stop being lazy and find more writing opportunities, which I could then in turn post on my site. And maybe I could actually find time to fit more writing in while still keeping my full time job, occasionally sleeping and managing to have some sort of life. I don't know. But in two months, I can guarantee that I...yeah, I probably still won't know what I'm doing.

In the meantime, if you're a fan of the idiot box, I hope you will continue to read and comment on my Starpulse recaps. (I'm not doing the Celeb Love thing anymore because I got burned out on gossip. Imagine!) Or you can stave off BeckEye withdrawal by being my Facebook friend, if you're not already.

So, if I don't see you on the Zuckerboards, I'll see you in December, my dears. Have a great Halloween and a delicious Thanksgiving. And make sure you rock the eff out of Square Dance Day.

PS - Crowded House totally beat Robyn in the last iPod War. Yay! Neil Finn 4-eva!


Cora said…
*sniff* It's not m-m-me; it's you, r-r-right?

I get it. Completely. I wander away from my blog at times too because writing is hard, dammit. I'm just not as polite as you I guess, because I don't warn my followers first.

Happy Halloween! See you in December!
Cora said…
By the way, my wv is "judetear". Dammit, Beckeye, you're making Jude Law cry!!!!

SkylersDad said…
Just make sure that you let us all know if you change sites so we can follow. And by follow I mean electronically, not that night vision way that you so coldly slapped me with the restraining order for...
Oh man, December? That's going to feel like years away. I understand though.
BeckEye said…
Cora - Of course it's me. Also, you might have to host the Big Wicked Halloween Pageant this year, since you won last year. :)

SkyDad - Sorry about that restraining order. Seeing you in those night vision goggles made me feel a bit like Clarice Starling.

Tennyson - Don't cry for me, Australia. The truth is I'll never leave you.

Anon - Wanna fuck?
Kristen said…
You will be missed! I might stalk. Oopps meant SULK. I'm not a stalker, really.
Dang! It really is the Rapture!

I'll just have to snuggle up a little closer to you on the facebook then.
When I checked where my readership comes from, almost all of it is from people who came to your page just before mine. So, I think you should keep updating your page if for no better reason than keeping people coming to my shitty blog. Please and thank you.