Monday, June 20, 2005

Bice Bice Baby

So, Bo Bice dropped the big bombshell that he's actually happy that he didn't win American Idol. I'm sure everyone who knows anything about the show and/or Bo let out a collective "duh" upon hearing this. Why the hell would anyone who wants to be taken seriously in the music business want to be sucked into that vortex of mediocrity, forced to churn out crappy mid-tempo ballads for the next several years? Of course the guy is better off. But then again, Bo is making a record with Clive Davis. Clive pretty much lost any clue he ever had about rock music back in the '70s. So, good luck Bo. Hope you like singing craptastic Diane Warren songs. To borrow a line from an odd fella named Arvo, "Leave it to Clive D to not know what's happening". (Go ahead, ask me about The Bogmen.)

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Anonymous said...

What about the bogmen?

BeckEye said...

"They're the best band nobody ever heard".


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