Saturday, June 25, 2005

The PopEye Hot, 10

Since this is an equal opportunity blog, I didn't think it was right to give all that attention to the hot ladies and not the hot men. But, since I can't seem to find any "hot men" lists and I never agree with them anyway, I figured I'd make my own. My opinion is just as good as some schmoe from People, right? I don't have time to make a top 100, or even a top 25, but it was pretty easy to round up 10 guys I find drool-worthy.

1. John Travolta - He's always been my #1, since the tender age of 5. He's gorgeous, a great actor, a great dancer and seems to be the nicest, most genuine celebrity out there. (Yes, even nicer than Tom Hanks.) He's gorgeous at any age, size or shape.

2. Eddie Vedder - I don't care how somber or intense he is, his lyrics touch me like no one else's and he's absolutely adorable. If he wasn't so intense, he'd probably just be a cute guy. It's that whole brooding thing that makes him HOT.

3. Jeremy Sisto - What is it that I love about this guy? He plays all these really weird roles and he's a terrific actor. Yeah, that's part of it. Oh, then there's that deep voice and the sexy, messed up hair. That's most of it.

4. Brad Pitt - He's probably on most women's hot lists. He's just unbelievably good looking. Zoolander good looking. He might be higher up my list, but I'm almost annoyed that any one person should be this good looking.

5. Ewan McGregor - I love a man with an accent. He's another great actor that plays a lot of strange roles. I was also blown away when I found out he could sing. But it's when he's doing interviews and such that he's at his most hot. He just comes off as super-confident, but not cocky, with a great sense of humor and a very flirtatious side. And the guy rode cross-country on a motorcycle...that's textbook hot, manly stuff!

6. Johnny Depp - I could kind of say some of the same things about Johnny as I did about Brad Pitt. He's a little more on the odd side though. And he seems to try harder to cover up the fact that he's so freaking handsome. Why? We all take you seriously as an actor Johnny, now take off your shirt already.

7. Mark Vanderloo - I have never really been into male models. They always seemed kind of cheesy to me. But this guy is undeniably hot. I know in this picture he looks a lot like Brad Pitt, but he's got more chiseled features and is bigger, body-wise. He does a lot of Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss ads.

8. Chris Cornell - Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn't think Chris was hot. Well, it was back in the Soundgarden days when he had that giant mass of hair and I never really could see his face! As soon as he cut it off though....hello. He's probably got the sexiest voice in rock as well.

9. Will Ferrell - Now, I know a lot of people will think this is a joke, because Will isn't exactly what most people consider "hot". I don't know if I would think of him as "hot" either, but this is exactly the kind of guy I want to marry. He's just average looking, but he is quite possibly the funniest guy on Earth. He's funny without even trying, and he's not always "on" like annoying Robin Williams or overanxious Jim Carrey. And hey, he's got great hair.

10. William Petersen - I always thought Petersen was hot, from the first time I saw him in this really cheesy baseball movie on HBO, Long Gone. He looked so good in that tight uniform. He's aged very well, as most men do...lucky bastards! And I loooove CSI. (Shout-outs to his hot co-stars, Gary Dourdan and George Eads as well.)

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Very interesting.


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