Monday, June 20, 2005

Quite possibly the two most annoying people in the world... was only a matter of time before they hooked up.

I didn't always dislike Tom Cruise. I think he's fine actor, even if he is from the DeNiro school of Repeat-All-Your-Lines-Twice acting. I think he started to grate on my nerves somewhere around Mission:Impossible, because it was an absolutely atrocious movie and his camera-hogging started to become more pronounced. (Yes, I know he was the star but he didn't have to seem so obvious about it.) Then every time I saw him in the news, it was usually an image like the one above, walking around with that stupid fake smile on his face acting like he's the greatest guy to have ever lived.

Then there's Katie Holmes...I never could stand the girl. I hate to admit it, but I did watch Dawson's Creek more than a few times. She was the most irritating thing about that show, if you can believe it. Her character, Joey, basically consisted of the following: unsure of who she's in love with on any particular day, she furrows her brow, bites her lip, shoves her hands into her front pockets, shrugs and utters some ridiculous sentence littered with 50-cent words that no actual teenager would ever use. Now I know that Katie and Joey are not one and the same, but I saw her on SNL once and she got on my nerves there too.

Here's my prediction: Katie and Tom will get hitched, she'll have a baby within the next 2 years, she'll take up Scientology and later have doubts about it, and about a year later (yes, I'm giving it 3 years tops, which is rather generous) he'll leave her for, oh let's see...Lindsay Lohan.

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still_figuring_out said...

hi there.

we share the same view on katie.
cruise is a fine actor; remember the last samurai??

but he has been acting weird lately; his recent antics on oprah was, well...*shudders*


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