Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live 8 is Great, But Can We Eat It?

I know I'm not the only one who thinks this whole Live 8 business is a complete waste of time. Who isn't aware that there are people starving in Africa? Raise your hand. No one? Didn't think so. The whole concept of this is ridiculous. Let's raise more awareness, but no actual money to feed and clothe these people. Do all these musicians really think that a concert is going to carry any weight with 8 rich bastard politicians? Please. If they wanted to put pressure on them and make them "aware", they would all get together and storm the G8 Summit. They could lock all the doors and have Rob Thomas perform until some type of worthwhile financial aid package was agreed upon. Then it might actually happen.

Better yet, these musical activists could all decide to live in modest homes, own just one car, not buy all of their clothes from Versace, forgo the private jet and stop wiping their asses with $50 bills. That way they could afford to give even more money to the charities they perpetually speak and sing about. I think even Saint Bono's opinion of that idea would be that it's "pure shite".

I had no plans on watching any of the concert footage, yet I made the mistake of flipping on MTV and stopped when I saw Stevie Wonder. Hey, it's Stevie Wonder. He's a legend, right? Apparently so much of a legend, that these 2 random twentysomething commentators felt the need to stand there and talk over half of his performance about just how much of a legend he is. It's like they're saying, "Hey audience, your parents really dug this guy so he deserves some respect...but not too much because, phhfft, like, he's old." Then a little later I flipped it back on and Sir Paul was performing. He's usually always worth hearing. Although for some reason, they threw George Michael out onstage with him. I'm pretty sure they cut to Rachel Perry at some point during his performance, at which point I promptly flicked back to some other worthless program. The third and final time I turned it on, that ass-face Jon Norris was gushing about Madonna...big surprise. I decided I had seen enough. Live 8 had done its part to raise my awareness. Now I'm more aware than ever that, on the whole, VJs are a bunch of jackasses.


lpkitten said...

its just another way to make them feel better about themselves and less guilty about having more money than any person should have

Janet said...

I admit it. I went. I saw. I am still confused about how they are earning any money, but nevertheless, I can say I was there.

MoDigli said...

Hey... I also heard that MTV has been getting MAJOR criticism for all their dumba$$ VJ's talking over the performances. So much so, that sopposedly AOL is letting ppl watch their recordings of Live8 for free for the next month.

I thought that was kinda interesting.


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