Wednesday, July 13, 2005

What's In BeckEye's Ear

Heavens to Betsy...I'm having a serious bout of writer's block, so I'm taking the easy way out and sharing with you the songs that have taken over my brain this week. I'm sure Tom Cruise would say there's no such thing as writer's block, but all he need do is think back to the screenplay for Cocktail to know that there is.

1. Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan - This song is breathtakingly beautiful. I have no idea what the lyrics are and I don't care. Everyone needs to listen to this immediately. GO!

2. Master of Disaster - John Hiatt - From the new album of the same name...which, inexplicably, I don't own yet. I flipping love Hiatt. What is wrong with me? Am I mental? Paging Tom Cruise...answers, please? (Heh heh, got him twice this entry! Woo!!)

3. Leaving New York - REM - I really kind of gave up on REM after Automatic For the People. There's only so much of Michael Stipe's weirdness and whining that I'm equipped to handle. Whatever he did to come up with this very good, non-annoying song, he needs to keep doing it. I tend to like songs about New York anyway (I dream of moving there like every other wannabe writer-schlub) so the title had me at hello. The melody kept me. (You know what kids, honestly, that was an unintentional Cruise reference.)

4. It's My Life - Paul Anka - So, Mr. Anka has a new record out called Rock Swings, where he covers several well-known rock/pop songs such as "Eye of the Tiger", "Wonderwall", "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Eyes Without A Face". I have not had the pleasure of hearing any of those, just this Bon Jovi number. My God, it really sounds good! When I first heard it I thought it might be a joke, like something by Lounge Against the Machine. But then I got sucked into it and thought it sounded much too serious and professional to be a joke. Scoff if you will, but I'm dying to hear the rest of his album! This cat swings! I don't know if this means I'm getting older or what. Am I one step away from the complete Jerry Vale catalog?

5. Burned - Better Than Ezra - I could listen to Kevin Griffin's voice all day. I love BTE. I will admit that I'm a little disappointed in the latest record, Before The Robots, from which this came. Probably not their best effort, but by no means bad. This is my favorite song from it so far. It's the first track and as any good first track should be, it's ultra-peppy and makes you wanna hear more.

6. E-Pro - Beck - This came out a few months ago. I guess it's the first single from Guero. That's the thing about listening to public radio...sometimes they play whatever the hell they want so you never really know what songs are actually singles. But that's actually a good thing. Until I say "this is a single" and it ends up not and then I look like a dummy. Whatever, the song kicks ass. And all Becks are cool.

7. Miracle Mile - Shannon McNally - Shannon has a great voice. I think she used to sing backup for Hiatt as a matter of fact. Anyway, her new record, Geronimo is produced by Charlie Sexton. I have a story about him. I haven't told it to everyone in the world yet. Hmm, my writer's block may be cured.

8. Late Night Pilgrim - Tift Merritt - Another bluesy kind of chick with a great voice. She's a little more country leaning than Shannon though. Tambourine is another CD I should probably own but don't. Here's the other problem with listening to public radio. I'm constantly finding stuff that I never knew existed and I don't make nearly enough money to buy all the records that I keep wanting. And I would never download songs illegally. Nooooo....that would be wrong. Tom Cruise wouldn't do it. And neither should you.

9. Beauty - David Mead - I love those guys who can hit the high notes. This song really is quite a beauty.

10. Until I Get It Right - Bill Deasy - Local boy alert! Yeah, for those of you who don't know, Bill is/was a local performer, then almost hit it big with his band The Gathering Field until Atlantic dropped them, and since then he's been writing stuff here and there. He actually wrote a theme song for Good Morning America or one of those shows. I don't know if they still use it. I'm not up that early. Anyway, he's a great songwriter with a lovely voice and if you have the opportunity, you should check him out.


The Everglades said...

Damien Rice is so talented. I was walking through a tube station in London and the newspaper salesman had a promotion: one free Damien Rice CD with the purchase of The Guardian. So, for less than a dollar, I got a live Damien Rice CD. Amazing.


worry woman said...

NOO, NOO, No Paul Anka doing my old music! No, don't tell me you like it?! I am just kidding, but I used to love Bon Jovi and I still can't get why the song has been re done. But, since it has been playing 1000 times at work along with him doing Jump by Van Halen, I am getting used to him doing it and I will live.

I, like you LOVE music. ALL MUSIC. I will be listining to Jason Mraz, then Default, then Kenny Chesney, then Linkin Park, then you get it...I love it ALL!

Will Irby said...

Great choices....

pia said...

Oh god, Leaving New York, is my theme song, because leaving is so hard...

Glad you commented on my blog as I really like yours. There aren't enough music blogs for people who aren't going to dissect Alainse Morisette's every lyric, or talk about why The Strokes were the best band of all time two years ago

I too love all music and thought about buying Paul Anka's new CD

pia said...

Actually I'm thinking of leaving New York--so I can recite the lyrics in my sleep

And Master of Disaster is vintage Hiatt. The Tiki Bar is open was his worst, I thought, but he totally redeemed himself.

John Hiatt, unlike Tom Cruise, faced his demons the old fashioned way--A groups, and the depth he gained showed many a year ago


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