Monday, August 22, 2005

The Leader of the Band

There is nothing interesting happening in showbiz right now. Nada. Zip. Don't these damn celebrities know that I'm counting on them to do ridiculous things so I can use them as fodder for this blog? Ah well. I'm sure something will come up soon. In the meantime, I've devised another quiz. This should be easier than the lyrics quizzes because it's just matching. All you have to do is match the band with its lead singer. And being the anal person that I am, I've picked a band for every letter of the alphabet!

This will pretty much revolve around '80s bands because, as I'm sure you all know by now, I was a blue eyeshadow-wearing, rollerskating, leg warmer-sporting, big-haired (as big as mine could get) child of that decade. So without much further ado, your quiz....

A. The Alarm
B. The Bangles
C. Crowded House
D. Duran Duran
E. Echo and the Bunnymen
F. The Firm
G. Go-Go's
H. Human League
J. Judas Priest
K. Kajagoogoo
L. Lone Justice
M. The Motels
N. Night Ranger
O. The Outfield
P. The Pogues
Q. Queensryche
R. Ratt
S. The Smiths
T. The Thompson Twins
U. UB40
V. Vixen
W. Warrant
Y. Yaz
Z. ZZ Top

1. Jani Lane
2. Morrissey
3. Mike Peters
4. Tony Lewis
5. Martha Davis
6. Belinda Carlisle
7. Geoff Tate
8. Billy Gibbons
9. Neil Finn
10. Jack Blades
11. Philip Oakey
12. Susanna Hoffs
13. Stephen Pearcy
14. Rob Halford
15. Andy Partridge
16. Alison Moyet
17. Tom Bailey
18. Shane MacGowan
19. Ian McCulloch
20. Janet Gardner
21. Simon LeBon
22. Maria McKee
23. Paul Rodgers
24. Ali Campbell
25. Michael Hutchence
26. Limahl


BadGod said...

I could only get like 11 of those, so I won't list them. I'll wait just to make sure.

Then I am going to list them all and claim that I won.

Teri said...

A. The Alarm
B. The Bangles 12. Susanna Hoffs
C. Crowded House 9. Neil Finn
D. Duran Duran 21. Simon LeBon
E. Echo and the Bunnymen 19. Ian McCulloch
F. The Firm
G. Go-Go's 6. Belinda Carlisle

H. Human League 11. Philip Oakey

I. INXS 25. Michael Hutchence

J. Judas Priest
K. Kajagoogoo 26. Limahl
L. Lone Justice
M. The Motels Martha Davis

N. Night Ranger
O. The Outfield
P. The Pogues 18. Shane MacGowan

Q. Queensryche
R. Ratt 13. Stephen Pearcy

S. The Smiths 2. Morrissey
T. The Thompson Twins 17. Tom Bailey
U. UB40 24. Ali Campbell

V. Vixen
W. Warrant

Y. Yaz 16. Alison Moyet

Z. ZZ Top

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

I got 8. Glad I'm not taking your class or I'd fail, and I'm not good about failure.

Anonymous said...

A3, B12, C9, D21, E19, F23, G6, H11, I25, J14, K26, L22, M5, N10,O4, P18, Q7, R13, S2, T17, U24, W1, X15, Y16, Z8,

I owned a music store for 11 years and had most of these in my collection one time or another

Ruben said...

Please watch Being Bobby Brown. You will get all of the ridiculous celebrity stunts you'll ever need just from one episode.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

God... I knew them all. I need a freakin' life.

Sangroncito said...

I'm the dunce of the class. Where's my pointy hat?

And I want to see a pic of you with that big 80's hair!

Lee Ann said...

I started at the bottom...
Z. ZZ Top ~ 8. Billy Gibbons. Then I skipped right to...
I.INXS ~ 25. Michael Hutchence
And finally went to the top...
B. The Bangles ~ 12. Susanna Hoffs
I will just pretend that I knew all of the ones in between:)

pia said...

But where's Annie Lennox and the Eurothmyics?

My hair has always been big; it was the crowning decade of my life--pun not intended ;-)

Layla said...

Get down with your bad self! I love your quizzes. Ok this is all I got:

(i feel like I'm calling out Bingo numbers)

I'm from the 70's so I only got 10 (can I use that as an excuse?)

Bailey said...


No more quizzes. I do so bad on your stuff! I need to find a nerd to sit next to!

Layla said...


why don't you get liquored up and do your RP impersonation, record it and post it so we can hear. You can record some real RP and we can guess which is you and which is him :)

Brooks said...

I am a little late taking the quiz. Can this be a make-up quiz?
1. Warrant
2. The Smiths
3. The Outfield
4. The Firm
5. The Motels
6. The Go-Gos
7. Queensryche
8. ZZ Top
9. Crowded House
13. Ratt
14. Judas Priest
15. XTC
16. Yaz
17. The Thompson Twins
18. The Pogues
19. Echo and the Bunnymen
20. Vixen
21. Duran Duran
22. Lone Justice
25, INXS
26. Kajagoogoo

Wow, I sure don't know my 80s trivia like I thought I did. I am going to have to brush up on these. Can I drop my lowest quiz grade?

AWG said...

I got 'em all. My favorite being Maria McKee from Lone Justice. That'd be a reunion I'd love to see.

Kate said...

Let me see how I do before reading your latest post!

A 3
B 12
C 9
D 21
E 19
F 23
G 6
H 11
I 25
J 14
K 26
L 22
M 5
N 10
O 4
P 18
Q 7
R 13
S 2
T 17
U 24
V 20
W 1
X 15
Y 16
Z 8


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