Monday, August 15, 2005

Lyrics Quiz Answers

All right kiddies, here are those long-awaited answers:

'70s Music
Level 1
1. If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now/It's just a spring clean for the May queen - "Stairway to Heaven", Led Zeppelin
2. And so you're back from outer space/I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face - "I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
3. Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions/I keep my visions to myself - "Dreams", Fleetwood Mac

Level 2
1. If you need me, let me know, gonna be around/If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down - "Take A Chance on Me", ABBA
2. I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain - "Daniel", Elton John
3. Say love ain't the same on the south side of town/You could look but ya ain't gonna find it around - "Same Old Song and Dance", Aerosmith

Level 3
1. If I said what’s on my mind, you’d turn and walk away/Disappearing way back in your dreams - "A Man I'll Never Be", Boston
2. Well, I have to follow you though you didn't want me to/But that won’t stop my lovin’ you,I can’t stay away - "Nights on Broadway", Bee Gees
3. Hey you, good lookin’ female/Come here! - "Jailbreak", Thin Lizzy

You’re walking meadows in my mind/Making waves across my time - "Strange Magic", ELO

'80s Music
Level 1
1. Well, dance all night get real loose/You don’t need no bad excuse - "Shake it Up", The Cars
2. So why don’t you use it/Try not to bruise it - "The Reflex", Duran Duran
3. ’Cause I know what it means/To walk along the lonely street of dreams - "Here I Go Again", Whitesnake

Level 2
1. And do you feel scared?/I do/But I won’t stop and falter - "Things Can Only Get Better", Howard Jones
2. Oh, this empty bed is a night alone/I realized that long ago - "Foolin'", Def Leppard
3. Eight hours, for what?/Oh, tell me what I got - "Footloose", Kenny Loggins

Level 3
1. Lace and satin pressed against me/Should we call a chaperone? - "Naughty Naughty", John Parr
2. Clear your mind and do your best/To try and wash the palette clean - "We Belong", Pat Benatar
3. And if the mountain should crumble, or disappear into the sea/Not a tear, no not I - "The Unforgettable Fire", U2

I’ve had a bad time, now love is resigned/I’ve been such a fool, I’ve loved and goodbyed - "Another Nail For My Heart", Squeeze

'90s Music
Level 1
1. Bob Marley walkin’ like he talk it/Goodness me can’t you see I’m gonna cough it - "Give It Away", Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Take my hand/Off to never never land - "Enter Sandman", Metallica
3. They said, ’I bet they’ll never make it’/But just look at us holding on - "You're Still The One", Shania Twain

Level 2
1. Well you couldn’t be that man I adored/You don’t seem to know, don’t seem to care what your heart is for - "Torn", Natalie Imbruglia
2. Can you see them, out on the porch/But they don’t wave - "Yellow Ledbetter", Pearl Jam
3. We must engage and rearrange/And turn this planet back to one - "Are You Gonna Go My Way", Lenny Kravitz

Level 3
1. Something’s wrong ’cause my mind is fading/And everywhere I look there’s a dead end waiting - "Devil's Haircut", Beck
2. Why did you keep the mousetrap?/Why did you keep the dishrack? - "The Old Apartment", Barenaked Ladies
3. So here's to the future 'cause we got through the past/I finally found someone that can make me laugh - "Whatta Man", Salt-n-Pepa

It started back in 1963/His momma wouldn't buy him that new red harmony - "Perfectly Good Guitar", John Hiatt

'60s Songs
Level 1
1. I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright - "Can't Buy Me Love", The Beatles
2. How many years can a mountain exist/Before it’s washed to the sea? - "Blowin' in the Wind", Bob Dylan
3. I need you more than anyone, darlin'/You know that I have from the start - "Build Me Up Buttercup", The Foundations

Level 2
1. I found an island in your arms/Country in your eyes - "Break On Through", Doors
2. In school they all stop and stare/I can't hide the tears, but I don't care - "Leader of the Pack", The Shangri-Las
3. So she buys an instant cake and she burns her frozen steak - "Mother's Little Helper", Rolling Stones

Level 3
1. Step by step, I got a brand new walk/I even sound sweeter when I talk - "Something's Got a Hold on Me", Etta James
2. Standing on the turnpike, thumb out to hitch hike/Take her to New York right away - "Creeque Alley", Mamas and the Papas
3. He was big and bent and gray and old/And I looked at him and my blood ran cold - "A Boy Named Sue", Johnny Cash

Mary, oh what a sweet girl/Lips like strawberry pie - "Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)", The Monkees

New Millennium Songs
Level 1
1. Looking back on the things I’ve done/I was trying to be someone - "Shape of My Heart", Backstreet Boys
2. I'm coming out of my cage/And I’ve been doing just fine - "Mr. Brightside", The Killers
3. I’m your operator, you can call anytime/I’ll be your connection to the party line - "Get The Party Started, Pink

Level 2
1. Call my name and save me from the dark - "Bring Me to Life", Evanescence
2. No one ever said that it would be this hard/Oh, take me back to the start - "The Scientist", Coldplay
3. Now all that's left of me is what I pretend to be/So together, but so broken up inside - "Behind These Hazel Eyes", Kelly Clarkson

Level 3
1. I don’t want pity/I just want what is mine - "Cry", Faith Hill
2. When I whip with my hips you slip into a trance - "Bootylicious", Destiny's Child
3. Anger’s today’s fashion/So sing another song about bashing someone’s head in - "Kick Some Ass", Stroke 9

Better ask questions before you shoot/Deceit and betrayal’s a bitter fruit - "Lonesome Day", Bruce Springsteen

Movie Songs
Level 1
1. Think of the tender things that we were working on - "Don't You (Forget About Me)", Simple Minds from The Breakfast Club
2. Now with passion in our eyes/There's no way we could disguise it secretly - "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes from Dirty Dancing
3. With new pistons, plugs, and shocks I can get off my rocks - "Greased Lightning", John Travolta from Grease

Level 2
1. Barely even friends/Then somebody bends unexpectedly - "Beauty and the Beast", Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson from Beauty and the Beast
2. Once in your life you will find her/Someone who turns your heart around - "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)", Christopher Cross from Arthur
3. Baby I could never steal you from another/It’s such a shame our friendship had to end - "Purple Rain", Prince from Purple Rain

Level 3
1. Maybe I'm an open book because I know you're mine/But you won't need to read between the lines - "For Your Eyes Only", Sheena Easton from For Your Eyes Only
2. Am I wrong?/Have I run too far to get home? - "Would", Alice in Chains from Singles
3. From my heart and from my hand/Why don’t people understand my intentions - "Weird Science", Oingo Boingo from Weird Science

A higher voice has called the tune/Two hearts that lost the beat will now resume - "Twist of Fate", Olivia Newton-John from Two of a Kind


Sangroncito said...

I'm afraid I got an "F".

Teri said...

*Smacks head* As soon as you listed the songs, I could come up with nearly all of the lyrics for a bunch of the ones I missed. Like that Monkees one. And the red hot chili peppers song, and a few others. Like I said about needing the music. Music clips are easier than snippits of the lyrics. It was fun anyway!

Lee Ann said...

That was good :)

Layla said...

I knew some of those, dang it!!! I know how Teri feels!!!

You have excellent taste in music girl!!!

AWG said...

Chickety China, the Chinese chicken???

Santos Mckeen said...

Good blog. Keep it running!


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