Monday, September 05, 2005

Where are the Dove girls now?

I saw something really funny while I was out driving earlier. I passed a billboard for McDonald's, advertising its 99-cent menu. On the billboard is a very pretty, very skinny (I would guess she's a size 4 at most) girl holding a McDonald's bag in each hand and smiling from ear to ear. The tag line? "This is my kinda shopping spree". Upon seeing this, I laughed heartily and said aloud to no one in particular, "my ass".

I love when I get reassurance from the media that I'm, once again, right about them. Going back to my earlier post about the Dove ads, remember when I said that some people were upset over a billboard picture of fleshier women because it supposedly advocated being overweight? I don't hear these same people griping that there is a billboard practically every 100 feet for some fast food joint, usually McDonald's. And I don't hear anyone complaining that depicting a thin girl going on a greasy food binge is irresponsible or misleading. But you can bet if one of those Dove girls was standing there with those bags in her hand, there would be an uproar of epic proportions.


Alecia said...

I hate skinny girls who eat McDees. Bite me.

Chubs in Western, NY

Brooks said...
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Brooks said...

I want to paint a thought bubble next to her skinny narrow head that says, "I can't wait to go throw this up!"

Sorry, but that is the message being sent because the McDonalds regulars I see look like heart disease city. If you have seen "Super Size Me" you will know that the McDonalds brain trusts in charge of their billion dollar advertising campaigns refer to people who eat there regularly as "heavy users" -- like they are heroine addicts. NICE!

Pleasantly Padded in Central Alabama

m00nsh1ne said...

I went to Mcds yesterday for the first time in months and there were NO skinny people working there! Those are the people that eat it regularly for sure. I hate those commercials for their new "salads" that have the super skinny cartoon girls. For the record I only got a mcnugget happy meal!!


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