Saturday, October 22, 2005

Call Now to Receive this Fantastic Employee!

K-Tel Makes a Comeback
Don't call it a comeback, K-Tel's been here for years, rockin' their peers, puttin' suckas in fear.

According to the above-linked story, BCI Eclipse just inked a licensing agreement with K-Tel that will allow the label to release compilation records under the more recognizable K-Tel name. Post Generation Y-ers probably have no clue who K-Tel is or what I'm talking about right now, and that is a shame. But I can't worry about them right now. I'm looking for a job.

BCI Eclipse - I don't think I'm being overly confident when I say that you need me. Read my post about the mix tape/CD. I rock. Compilations are my thing. I can come up with themes that your overpaid execs could never even imagine. Hell, I'll even make the cover art for the records myself. Who needs graphic designers? I can do it all.

Hey VH1, this doesn't mean that I don't still want to work for you. My goal is to be a freelance everything. I'm still waiting for your call. Same goes for you Mr. Travolta. I'm still very interested in the personal masseuse position that you never advertised.


Johnny Wadd said...

When i was a kid my parents used to have a boat and they were friends with the owner of K-tel. The owner had a son who was my age and we hung around. He was a bad ass spoiled rich kid with a big file down at the juvenile center. Always in and out of trouble, all those records must have made him nuts.

Kel said...

LOL that's a funny one too. Such a good movie.

VH1 isn't as watched as MTV. I like both if you ask me.

You have a cool blog. Blogroll me!

Neo said...

Becky - Yeah K-Tel is old school. I love the attitude. Tell them you own them and make them knock on YOUR door.

"I can do it all."


My thinking is: Who needs a record label?


Les said...

Let's get them to agree to re-recording "TV Themes from the 70's & 80's" under the Hohmann-Becker Production label!

Do you sing, Beck?

Bar Bar A said...

What Neo said!!!


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