Saturday, November 19, 2005

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You

Oh-oh, I need to right a wrong here. I left someone off my strange celebrity crush list below. I don't want to have bad karma come back and bite me in the ass because of it, so I give you...

Jason Lee - I don't know how I could've forgotten Jason. My Name is Earl has to be the funniest show on TV right now. I'm not really familiar with much of his other work, primarily because he's been in a lot of Kevin Smith movies and I never really got hip to that whole scene. I've seen bits and pieces of a few, but never bothered to sit down and watch one of his films in its entirety. There's only so much Ben Affleck one person can take.

The only Jason Lee movies I've seen all the way through are Dreamcatcher and The Incredibles. The former was one of the most mind-numbingly stupid pieces of garbage I've ever had the misfortune of watching. I can't believe that Morgan Freeman actually took a part in that crap-fest. I should've known it would stink, because it was based on a Stephen King book. The only King stories that translate well to film are of the non-supernatural variety. Jason actually brought a glimmer of entertainment to the movie, but his character didn't last very long. It's never smart to kill off the most engaging character in a movie early on. Maybe the director was actually trying to make a bad film? If that's the case, then he gets two snaps up in a circle.

The Incredibles was obviously animated, so the only part of Jason the audience gets is his voice in the body of Syndrome, the villain. Still, I enjoyed his "performance".

I was hesitant to watch My Name is Earl because I assumed, based on the promos for it, that it would be little more than another one-note sitcom following in the redneck footsteps of Jeff Foxworthy and that "get 'er done" gang. I didn't watch when it first aired, but a few weeks into the season I was sitting home on a Friday night with nothing to do and nothing to watch, and NBC had an Earl marathon. I got to catch up by watching the first three episodes, and about 5 minutes into the first episode I quickly realized that my initial assessment of the show was dead wrong. Earl Hickey may be a redneck, but that's not what defines him. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's a genuine and funny "everyman". His decision to let karma rule his life, a concept that he believes was created by Carson Daly, makes him a very charming, endearing character.

The supporting cast is full of comedic talents who create entertaining characters, but Jason Lee isn't in danger of having another actor run away with his show. He's created a really intriguing personality in Earl, and I look forward to tuning in to him every week.

As far as Jason being on my weird crush list, he makes it primarily because I love him in this role. He makes me want to go scout the nearest trailer park for someone just like him. He is very funny, but can also infuse some sweetness into his character which I love. His hair is messy, and I dig that. I have a thing for guys with "bed-head". The facial hair annoyed me at first. I have never been a fan of facial hair, except for the occasional soul patch or stubble. In fact, I've only kissed one guy in my life who had a full-on mustache and all I could think about was what he had for dinner that night and if particles of food were going to end up in my mouth. Disgusting, right? Well, sorry mustachioed guys, that's just how my warped mind works. Earl's mustache is definitely out of control but it suits him. And even though I tend to go for the clean-shaven types, Jason Lee is one of those guys who actually looks better with facial hair.



gribble said...

I could be wrong, but I think Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder before an actor. The first movie I saw with him was Chasing Amy...check it out and see an interesting side to Lee.

crallspace said...

I've wanted to see this one.
In your profile pic, i saw a Dr. Phil book and a dictionary behind you.

Kate said...

Jason Lee was really cool in Chasing Amy as Banky. He had the best lines in that movie! He looked really good in Almost Famous, and I think somehow he should have been fit into High Fidelity somehow. I can just see him as a friend of Barry's. :)

Gribble's right. He got his start skateboarding professionally.

Johnny Wadd said...

Jason lee rocks.

Writeprocrastinator said...

I first saw Jason in "Mallrats" and he was basically the only redeeming thing about the picture. He ran away with the thing, Shannen Doherty seemed on the verge of pouting fit, Ben Affleck did smarmy to the point that your skin crawled, and Jay and Silent Bob were good for a few side-laughs.

I've seen people slam "My Name is Earl" in blogs because they don't appreciate it for what it's supposed to be. It's not a traditional sitcom, it's meant to be low-key ala "Northern Exposure." Some people get nervous when there isn't a laugh track to guide them and that's a shame.

I'm glad you're digging it, Beck and thanks for the link.


Yeah, he was a pro skateboarder

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Gribble's right. He got his start skateboarding professionally."

Sorry Kate, didn't catch your post the first time.

BeckEye said...

Gribble - Let me be the 3rd person to say you're right!

Crallspace - You gotta watch it. As far as those books...well, everyone needs a dictionary. As far as Dr. Phil goes, I think he's ridiculous. I live with my sister right now, so it must be her book. I never even noticed it.

Kate - Aha, I did see Almost Famous all the way through! I don't remember him though.

Mic - Yup.

Writeprocrastinator - Yeah, a lot of people like their sitcoms dumbed-down and full of lame one-liners. Earl's not for them.

Homer Jay said...

I love Earl. I want to be him when I grow up.

BadGod said...

Stephen King books shouldnot be made into movies. Ever. The movie would have to be 7 hours long to explain everything.

Holy shit, did I just agree with you?

thejake420 said...

I love the show, especially as the wife and I have an inside joke about how everything wrong with my life is because of the bad karma I got from stealing the orphans' gold in Ultima... ;)

So sayeth Angry Internet Guy, the only voice that "really" matters on the web.

Mr. Happy said...

Earl is greatness.

Jason is just one of those guys that is easy to like in everything he does. Even if the film is crappy, he is still good.

CC Rider said...

I'll be one of the many to say your right Gribble, Jason Lee as Pro Skater. Actually got to skate with the guy once at a demo "back in the day. Nice guy.

T.L. Barker said...

Check out dogma if you get a chance. I think his role in that movie was kind of a live action version of his incredibles gig. Anyway he's great. He also did a real down to earth interview on Jay Leno. He even looked like his character (surprising!?) What I mean is he wasn't all celebrity clean.


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