Saturday, December 03, 2005

Small Big Apple Update

Hello all....hope you all miss me dreadfully!

I am actually using my work computer to look for apartments (still crashing at my boss's pad!) right now and have to run out, so I really don't have time to do any real pop-eyeing. I just wanted to let all my cyberpals out there know that I'm doing ok and still trying to find permanent digs in the city, hence my continued blogging absence.

Here's one item: I met my first "celebrity" last night. I was at a bar following my friend, Chris's new show with the Knockout Drops (which was great, by the way) and happened to be sitting near Gordon Gano, lead singer of the Violent Femmes. He knows Chris and some of the other guys I know there, so I guess that's a regular hangout of his. I introduced myself and said hello, we exchanged about 5 sentences each and that was about it.

And I'd swear I saw that one guy who's always on VH1's Best Week Ever walking down the street the other day. I can't even remember his name. I'm still looking for Chris Parnell.

Anyway, I'm running back "home" to take a shower so I can catch the Vic Thrill show this evening, so I gotta bolt. Thanks for not forgetting me!


Bar Bar A said...

YES! She's back! Totally missed you. I can't believe you are in the Big Apple! I'm impressed and happy for you and your new job!!! Keep us POSTED.

Kate said...

Gordon Gano...that's cool! New York's a long way from Minnesota! :D

Les Becker said...

Who forgot you?? Could we possibly? Never!

Make sure you line me up some wannabe celebs who don't mind working for no pay (promised credit and possible percentage of profit only) with a nonedescript (so far) production company in Butt-Bleep Northern Ontario, Canada (Honest. Canada is a REAL place.). I can't believe that all the fabulous talent in my own town can't be bothered to ante up their music - so I'm settling for Big Apple talent. Smooth move, no?

Glad you posted... Missed you.

LoraLoo said...

You have been missed! Glad to hear all is well. Gordon Gano! Score!

Can't wait to hear more about your new adventure.

Lee Ann said...

YAY! I am glad to get the update. Sounds like you are having some fun! I hope you find your apartment soon. Keep us updated, cya later~

An80sNut said...

Gotta love the Violent Femmes. Gordon is hella talented and I'm still upset that they aren't recording more often. I'm jealous. Hope you are having a great time and a whirlwind adventure.

Alice said...

woo! enjoy nyc... i love it there! i'm jealous :-)

also, WOAH CELEBRITY SIGHTING THAT IS SOOOO AWESOME! we met a guy who's on the HBO show "the wire" in baltimore this weekend, and that by fars tops my celebrity encounters... rats

Neo said...

Becky -Hey LTNS stranger! *hugs* Good luck with finding an apartment. You might want to try it's pretty flexible, I used it to find my spot on short notice.


pia said...

Think you have to change the location from Pittsburgh ;-)

There are celebrities everywhere. I just don't notice them

cmhl said...

I LOVE the violent femmes!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

I saw the news about Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli today and thought of you. Hope all is well!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Welcome back and thanks for getting even with me by mentioning the Violent Femmes. "Gross Pointe Blank" has permanently etched "Blister in The Sun" into my head and the mere mention of the group or the song...well Beck, "he's the world's biggest" what?


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