Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Random Celebrity Sighting: A Two-fer

So, I'm nearing the corner of Houston and Broadway today, heading to Subway (for a late, late, late lunch or an early, early dinner) and I spot a guy who I find resembles Mick Fleetwood, only a little shorter and much thinner. I keep walking and coming across the street towards me is a guy who I find looks a heckuva lot like Benicio del Toro, of whom I've never been a fan. Suddenly, he stops in the middle of crossing the street to shake some guy's hand, who I turn around to see and realize it's mini-Mick. Then it dawns on me that mini-Mick is, in actuality, Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, of whom I am (or was) a fan. But I was really hungry, so I didn't hang out long enough to see if either of them would get hit by a cab standing there in the middle of Broadway.

Now I wonder if those two actually know each other, or if it's just some of that celebreaucracy (new word - mine) that requires all of them to acknowledge each other's presence even if they've never met. It's like, "Hey man, how are ya? Rich? Me too!"

Oh, and sorry men....Kate Hudson was not present.


Happy Villain said...

Okay, I just had a cuss-fest that would make Colin Farrell blush. Why are the celebs all in NY and LA? Does anyone aside from Oprah, the Cusack Family and Jim Bulushi ever go to Chicago? It's so not fair.

(Dubya was here last week, but we tried really hard to deny him entry.)

I'm going to pout for the rest of the night.

Alecia said...

I've never seen a celebrity. Unless you count Natalie Merchant when she came home and went to the local Quality Markets. I didn't dare tell her that we were second cousins (truly, we are), because I figured she'd think I was a freak of nature. Instead, I just silently watched from the depths of another aisle whilst she purchased her 2 liter of pepsi.

And I'm not even sure I consider her a real celebrity. She had like one good song. Maybe.

So yes...really long comment, about nothing. I'm awesome. You should probably be jealous.

Sangroncito said...

I think Benicio is hot!

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Celebreaucracy?" I love it. Twenty times better than "ginormous."

Have you ever listened to Silvertide? They sound like the Black Crowes mixed with AC/DC, Buck Cherry, and the Stones. Their lead singer sounds almost like Grizzly Adams Jr. note for note. So much so that I thought Chris Robinson joined Buck Cherry the first time I heard 'em.

Marilyn said...

Chris Robinson is everywhere. I've seen him in midtown a couple of times. Never seen Benicio, I wish I could because I love him.

Alice said...

see, i would NEVER have recognized them!! i suck at celebrity sightings. i've spent a lot of time in NY, and literally people i'm walking down the street with have sighted celebs, while i was oblivious.... :-( i shall live vicariously through you now!

scott said...

Chris Robinson gets around these days. He'll be quarterbacking the Denver Broncos on Sunday against the Steelers as well.

Teri said...

THe closest I get to celebrity sightings is Elvis impersonators...

Neo said...

Becky - Smart girl, get the grub first! :)


- Neo

Bar Bar A said...

LOL! Your so funny - I love the new word you created. I kind of like Benicio, why don't you like him?

I met Lindsey Buckingham once and had a drink with him - he thought my dog was cute. My dog was cute, and so was Lindsey!

T.L. Barker said...

I saw almost as many celebs in Cape Town, South Africa as I did growing up in Los Angeles. Seen sports stars in Houston. Never been to NYC.


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