Thursday, February 02, 2006

Where is Nelson Muntz when I need a good "Ha-Ha!"

Occasionally when I'm surfing the web, I'll find something that restores my faith in God and humanity. Today it was this.

Apparently, Heather Graham's new show, Emily's Reasons Why Not got the axe after only one aired episode. Now, it's a little distressing to me how much I'm truly reveling in another person's misfortune, but I just can't help being happy about this. I never saw the show, and with only one episode I guess it was easy to miss, but I can imagine why it would be cancelled. In fact, I've compiled BeckEye's Reasons Why Emily's Reasons Why Not Was Shit-Canned:

* Heather Graham can't act.
* When I say she can't act, I mean she is quite possibly the worst actress to ever be inflicted on the public.
* I would bet $100 that she still reads from cue cards.
* Usually when she's in an acting bind, Heather can rely on taking her clothes off to keep people entertained. She can't do that on TV, so she was actually required to show some acting ability.
* Heather Graham can't act.

I guess that's technically only one reason, but when you have such a good reason to cancel a show, what more do you need? Now, if the ABC execs were smart and wanted to keep little Miss Annoying around, they would rename the show Heather Graham Can't Act, and then it would have the train-wreck appeal of The Anna Nicole Show or American Idol: The Best of the Worst. And, to quote Homer Simpson, "it's funny 'cause it's true".


Lee Ann said...

I agree, I don't think she is much of an actor. I never saw the show either!

Bar Bar A said...

Is it true about Heather and Richie? They are one of the few couples I thought would actually stay married. I am bummed.

Heather Graham...I know who she is but why is she famous? Was she in a movie? What's the deal?

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Usually when she's in an acting bind, Heather can rely on taking her clothes off to keep people entertained. She can't do that on TV, so she was actually required to show some acting ability."

You're absolutely right.

Great. Ruin everything for me, why don't ya?

Kate said...

Awww...give her a pair of rollerskates and see what she can do then. Heh.

Marilyn said...

You should see the advertising posters they have for her show all over NYC subway stations. Imagine how much money was wasted there.

Heather said...

Wow, you've really got to suck to be pulled after 1 show. I knew she was bad, just didn't realize she was that bad.

Barbara, she was the roller girl in Boogie Nights.

Edge said...

Ya, poor Heather she was such a flop in Austin Powers II. Her lines were almost like she was reading them. She would have been better to double as a fem-bot.

Pretty to look at does not equal good actress.

Alecia said...

I thought of another reason to cancel the show.

Who really wants to read a novel when the saying the title of a show?
A lame title at that.

Emily's Reasons Why Not...way too long

What'd you watch last night?
Ohh...Emily's Reaons Why Not...


Brent McKee said...

I confess I was very vaguely intrigued by Emily's Reasons Why Not if only to see how they could relate that creation to Sex And The City only to discover that they couldn't. However it is worth noting (with not a little glee and gloating on my part) that Emily's Reasons Why Not actually outdrew the putrid John Stamos alleged comedy Jake In Progress on the one and only night that they both appeared. (So why was Emily technically cancelled before Jake? Don't ask me.)

BadGod said...

After Boogie Nights.....she can just stand there fully clothed and my imagination (and hand!) will do the rest.

That's a great idea for a show...Heather just standing there.

Neo said...

Becky - One word for ya. SUPERBOWL!!!!!!


Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Sangroncito said...

I just love a good bad actress...sorry I missed that one episode!

Lavinia said...

Oh thank goodness we've been spared that 'show'. Here in South Africa we get about 40% of our non-satellite shows from the US...including gems like Jake in Progress and Life with Fran *gag*

Im very happy we won't have to put up with a weekly dose of Felicity Cant-act-well:) Yeah Baby, groovy!

T.L. Barker said...

I actually didn't notice the bad acting...but I think she is great on roller skates!! Woooo!! Oh wait, does this mean I was snowed by that taking clothes of thing!?


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