Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Said I Was Waiting for the John Travolta Sex TAPE not Sex CHANGE!

After hearing rumors about it for the last couple of weeks, it's official. John Travolta will be playing the role of Edna Turnblad in the movie remake of Hairspray - a role originated by Divine.

Well, who knows, maybe this will finally get him an Oscar. Felicity Huffman was nominated this year for playing a tranny, so why not. I'll say this - John may be gorgeous but he doesn't make a great looking woman. Did anyone ever see him impersonating Barbra Streisand on SNL? Not pretty. Although he did look marginally more attractive than the real Babs.

I never saw the original Hairspray, and still don't have a burning desire to check it out. I've never been a big Ricki Lake fan. And I thought Cry-Baby was one of the dumbest movies ever, so I'm in no big rush to check out the rest of John Waters' films. However, it IS a musical and I'm glad to see John back in his old element. I don't know if he'll actually be singing any songs, but I would love that. He sang a song in A Love Song For Bobby Long (a severely underrated movie, by the way) and thought he sounded great. It's a no-brainer that he'll be dancing. He's always dancing.

Still, this is another example of the movie industry rehashing all the old stuff. Aren't they getting the message that we are all sick of all the remakes? They keep griping about how profits are down, but don't bother to fix the problem.

I'm hoping that the other rumor I heard a while ago stays a rumor. That would be the talk of making Grease 3, which would catch up with Danny and Sandy after they're married with kids. I can't stress what a horrendously bad idea that is. The perfection of Grease was already messed with once - Grease 2 is just about as lame as it gets. But to try to mess with that formula again, not to mention mess with the image of Danny Zuko?? That's insanity. It's like making a new chapter of Gone With the Wind, with Scarlett as a lonely old spinster. NO ONE wants to see that.


Masha said...

Lady and the Tramp is being upgraded to DVD status...even Disney can't get their hands off of redoing old movies!

Anonymous said...

did you know you'd been plagerized? you are not the first...

check out your September 9 entry then check this out:

A Concerned Internet Citizen just doing a little research...

Brooks said...

That is some bizarre casting. Some men can pull off drag, but I can't even imagine Travolta as a woman (revolta!). He has such a masculine face and a square jaw.

I must come to the defense of "Hairspray". It is a really good movie. I didn't like "Crybaby" either and some of Waters' earlier work is totally out there bizarre, but "Hairspray" is funny, witty and full of random guest appearances like Blondie, Sonny Bono (R.I.P.), Jerry Stiller, Ruth Brown and it is really a classic.

Weird that you were plagerized. Is there any recourse I wonder?

Writeprocrastinator said...

I double-checked the calendar and's not April 1st.

The terrorists most have won, they drugged our water with LSD.

LoraLoo said...

Movies with men in drag aren't always bad... remember "Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"? It was odd, but I thought a good movie. Those guys didn't do so bad in drag, right? I can't imagine John Travolta in drag, but I've seen stranger. A remake, however... I must agree that it's getting old there.

Couldn't imagine a "Grease 3", it would be very depressing if you ask me.

Kate said...

Ai ya! He must still be mad about passing on the part of Billy Flynn from Chicago!


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