Sunday, March 05, 2006

More Fun With Steve Alter, The Plagiarist

Since Steve quickly removed the post he stole from me - and I have nothing else to do today - I have decided to dig a little deeper into Steve Alter's blog history. It should come as no surprise that I've uncovered more proof that Steve Alter is a plagiarist.

Exhibit A:
Here is a blog entry from Shakespeare's Sister, dated March 3, 2005:
Imagine How Diverse the Disciples Would Have Been if Jesus Hadn't Had to Worry About Federal Funding

Now look at Steve's entry, dated March 4, 2005:
G-d Bless America

Exhibit B:
Here is a blog entry from Neal Pollack. This is actually the link to his March 2005 archive, but just scroll down to the entry titled, "Braaaaaaaains!": The Maelstrom - Braaaaaaaains!

Now look at Steve's entry, dated April 20, 2005:
What Else...Braaaaaaaains!

For this one, Steve actually did "alter" it slightly. I think he did so in order to raise any eyebrows due to the fact that there was geographical information included, and the original writer said he grew up in Scottsdale, AZ. Being a Jersey boy, Steve decided to replace Scottsdale, AZ with Nyack, NY. He changed a few very minor details, but that doesn't mean it's still not plagiarism. Those details were obviously changed in order to cover his own ass. He could've covered the same story without using the original writer's same anecdotal set-up. But since Steve Alter is devoid of originality or conscience, he just took someone else's story and personalized it a tad, in order to make it sound like it came from his head.

Exhibit C:
Here is a blog entry from The Astute Blogger, dated March 28, 2005: Would You Want Your Ex To Be Your Legal Guardian?

Now look at Steve's entry, dated April 1, 2005: Schiavo...

Again, he altered this slightly, but only the set-up and last sentence. This is one of his most pathetic rip-offs because in his set up he claims that, "Many of my friends have asked me on which side of the arguement I resided during this trying time for the Schiavo and Schindler families". So basically, he is trying to pass someone else's opinion on the Schiavo case as his own and that he's finally taking the opportunity to "weigh in" on the issue. In other words, he needed to wait until he found a well-written opinion that he could steal, because he probably didn't even know who Terry Shiavo was.

Exhibit D:
Here is a blog entry from Fergie, dated July 8, 2005: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Now look at Steve's entry, dated July 14, 2005: Oh Katie!!!!

I find this humorous because it appears he "altered" some of the answers to the Scientology quiz, which the post is about, yet he managed to get the same result as Fergie with different answers! Oh, Steve!!!! You lame ass! He also added a little line at the end about wanting Katie Holmes's phone number. I thought you were a family man, Steve...what gives? Is the husband and father schtick all a hoax too? I haven't found any proof of that yet, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Below are the screen shots I grabbed from Steve's blog, should he decide to put his tail between his legs and delete them all in an effort to mask his e-kleptomania. You can click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.


Kerouaced said...

Were you the one sending me the E-mails? Someone directed me to Steve Alter’s blog and then to yours. Steve Alter ripped off pieces of a story I wrote and intertwined them in some god awful piece of crap he wrote. Luckily I have my heavy bag in the basement and I just went down and beat on that for about fifteen minutes. I didn’t get a masters degree in fiction writing and spend years working on my style to have some low-life loser nonchalantly rip me off. Even though a lot of the work on my blog is first draft quality it is work that I plan to revise and try to have published. That cocksucker is going down. I already have someone on the case. She's good at what she does...

BeckEye said...

Actually, no I didn't find out about this guy until yesterday. An anonymous commenter tipped me off to Steve's "blog", and then I got another comment today, referring me to your site. Maybe it's Steve himself, in a pathetic, misguided attempt to get attention? God, I hope not. According to StatCounter, that doesn't appear to be the case, but I won't give out any geographical information if "anonymous" really wants to remain anonymous.

Bar Bar A said...

Beck, I went to Steve's blog before he deleted your post and gave him my "2 cents" worth. You have to kind of feel sorry for someone that needs attention and approval so badly that they steal other people's words to get it. Very strange indeed.

Happy Villain said...

BECK! You can still see evidence of his plagiarism even if he deletes the post! Google it and click on the CACHED link instead of the main link! It will still pop up! Google caches things practically forever. Here, check it out.

He may think he can just delete it from the Internet, but he can't erase all the evidence.

Bar Bar A said...

(off topic comment: I wasn't sure if you would see this question I left for you on my blog, but I really want to know so I'll put it here too: Ok, were you afraid of the outside cover of "Goat's Head Soup" or the inside? Do you remember the inside??? It was so sick.)

Kerouaced said...

Okay,I've calmed down. The bit about the punching bag was an exaggeration but what this guy did is really quite annoying and I might add illegal. I was in classes for twenty hours this weekend and came home Sunday night to find the anonymous message leading me to his blog. It is really pathetic and almost sad, however, my friend did what she does best and tracked him down. I have all his personal info...he he Also, I didn't notice on your blog but if you put the copyright symbol and the year on your blog it really does make it a crime for him to "borrow" your work. You probably know this but I just thought I'd add that tidbit in case you didn't...

ty bluesmith said...

kerouaced stole my compost heap and my necklace that i got from the machine when i went to the spongebob movie.

he also tried to touch me where my bathing suit covered but i karate-d his ass BIG TIME

Kerouaced said...

My friend Ty Bluesmith...thanks for that perverted comment buddy...

Sangroncito said...

Plagiarist are very, very low on the scum scale. I hope someone flushes him soon.

FreeThinker said...

Steve probably cheated his way through high school too! (and MAYBE Junior College!)

Brooks said...

what a dipshit extraordinaire!
i went to his blog and love how there is no way to actually contact the coward. can the powers that be do anything about this?

JJ said...

What an ass.

Is this even possible? Could someone actually be so devoid of ethics that they'd blatantly steal someone else's personal thoughts? Could this be some kind of sociological internet experiment?


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