Friday, March 03, 2006


I saw the funniest You Tube video on Echeevo's blog the other day, and damn near laughed myself silly. It was a clip of K-Fed Spears jamming out to his new single, but with that Peanut Butter Jelly song dubbed in. Why I couldn't just enjoy the hilarity is beyond me. Why did I have to seek out the real video? Why did I need to hear the real song? Answer: I am a masochist.

Actually, the real video is much funnier when you see Kevin's obvious pride over a song that can only be described as ipecac for the ears. Your eardrums will actually try to deflect the sound waves coming in, but unfortunately the body doesn't work that way, so you'll just end up with one giant headache. But it's the kind of funny that only lasts until you either vomit or punt your computer out the nearest window. It's really the kind of display that will plant murderous feelings in your head. And unless you're lucky enough to actually run into Mr. Spears and get the opportunity to beat him down, those unresolved feelings will just fester in the back of your brain and eventually surface at an inappropriate time.

That said, I'm providing the link to this musical travesty. Watch at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for any anger management issues or aneuryisms that may occur as a result.

K-Fed Unleashes "PopoZao" on the World (PopoZao is Portugese for "Music for me to Poop On".)

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Brooks said...

I realize that clip is so freakin stupid, but there is something about it I can't resist. I sent it to my sister and we have been laughing about it all week.

Do you know the origin of the "Peanut Butter" song? I have no clue.

Alecia said...

This Just In: Johnny Jackson, drummer of Jackson 5 has been stabbed to death. Woah.


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