Friday, May 05, 2006

I Won't Be Sad...'Cause Three out of Four Ain't Bad

Going back to my earlier predictions about American Idol and Nashville Star, I'm once again reminded of how wonderfully accurate I can be at prognostication. With both shows, I named who I thought would end up in the top 4. Check it out:

American Idol:

My Top 4 - Chris, Katharine, Taylor and Mandisa
AI Top 4 - Chris, Katharine, Taylor and Elliott

Nashville Star:

My Top 4 - Chris, Casey, Nicole and Melanie
NS Top 4 - Chris, Casey, Nicole and Matt

So, am I good or am I good? Three out of four on both counts. And as far as Nashville Star goes, my immediate pick for winner was Chris Young and, sure enough, he won on Tuesday's finale! Well, he was too adorable NOT to win.

I suppose now I have to make a final decision on who I think will take the AI crown. I'm predicting that this will be Year of the Chris-es, because I'm nearly certain that Chris Daughtry has this in the bag. I think Elliott will be the next to go, and then it might be a tough battle between Chris, Katharine and Taylor. Taylor has a pretty strong, supportive fan base but he really doesn't fit the Idol mold, so I don't think he could ever win. I'm not even sure he wants to win. Katharine has a lot of fans, and she's probably the best singer overall this year, but she has kind of an irritating personality and has a tendency to get a little screechy, especially when trying to cover diva-esque songs. Chris has a great voice and the ladies love him. But honestly, the conspiracy theorist in me suspects that the public has a lot less say in who wins this contest than the producers would have us believe. And since the token "rocker" has never won AI, and three out of four (there's that darn 75% again) of the winners have been women, I think they really want Chris to win. You heard it here first, folks - Chris Daughtry is your American Idol.

By the way, my prediction that Kevin Covais would cruise until the Top 5 was absolutely wrong. But that's one thing I was more than happy to be wrong about.


Bar Bar A said...

You are good!

Its great to see a post from you. I don't watch these shows but by the looks of things I am missing out...I like that cowboy, mmmm hmmmm.

Metal Mark said...

I agree with your predictions for AI. Elliot will go no matter what this week. He is good when he is on, but he has been average a lot and lacks personality. Mandissa got put out way too early. She may have even have had a better voice than Katherine.

LoraLoo said...

I really want to like Katharine, but let's face it, she can be so annoying. Besides, her niche isn't going to sell Top 40 records. Elliot hasn't the personality and Taylor isn't always on his game. I like Chris to win too. He's going to sell records, and he can sing his ass off!

Masha said...

Chris will probably win (but i secretly hope Katharine does)..and Elliot seems like he is kind of lost on stage whenever he performs, sure his voice is great and he usually picks decent songs but all of that gets lost somewhere

Teri said...

You are indeed good! And now I know who the top four are. :) This is vital info for us t.v.-viewing-impared sorts. We can talk to everyone else now!

Lee Ann said...

I was not sure about the 4th one on American Idol either. But I did guess Katharine, Taylor and Chris.
I also guessed the top 3 on Nashville Star...I am not crazy about country music, but they have got some real talent!

Anonymous said...

I have figured out what caused Chris Daughtry's early exit from Idol. He learned a valuable lesson, hopefully. The lesson is never pick your nose, then shake the hand of an influential producer like Tommy Matolla. I saw it when I TIVO'ed the show and played it back several times to see if I was imagining things. Since AI never gives the vote counts (a reason why I think the whole show is fixed), I am sure that "Boogergate" is the true reason why Chris was ousted!!


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