Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Turns Out I'm NOT Nostradamus

Big surprise tonight, Idol fans. Chris Daughtry got the boot.

Runner-up conspiracy theory: If Chris ends up joining Fuel anytime soon, I'm inclined to believe that the producers "let him go." Why not? It's a success story for them either way.


Bar Bar A said...

But, Becky....I though you were :(

I saw a hysterical vido on youtube, I'll send you the link!

Alice said...

i was so shocked last night.... but refuse to be sad ONLY BECAUSE of that fuel theory. or really, any other theory wherein chris goes on to have a "real" career instead of AI shackles (i mean, "contract" sorry)

but sigh. i did heart me some chris.

Brooks said...

Chris has nothing to worry about. He will be the lead singer of a major band and won't have to carry around the candy pop crown of being the winner. Not that he has done anything super stellar in the past year, but Bo Bice made it known to everyone that how relieved he to have not won. It's the AI contestants like him and Mandissa that will go above and beyond the "Ice Capades" shackles of being the winner or runner-up.

Teri said...

You'd have to write in archaic French for me to believe you were Nostradamus...

Lee Ann said...

Yeah, I really thought the top 3 would be Taylor, Katharine and Chris.
Actually, Chris is probably better off not winning (as far as his career goes).

Sangroncito said...

Although I haven't seen a single round, I'm going to promise myself to see the final show!

Brooks said...

Did you hear Chris Daughtry was formally asked to be Fuel's lead singer today?

I think your alter-ego predictions goddess should be named Popstradamus.

Heather said...

I'm sure he's better off not winning but he was my favorite!!

scott said...

what happened to brett scallions? is there any reason to listen to fuel without him?


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