Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Simon Fuller and Ken Warwick Owe Me Money

Ok, so now I'm convinced that powerful TV mogul-types actually read my blog. I just read the announcement in TV Guide that American Idol creator, Simon Fuller, is creating a songwriting contest called Composer Idol (wt). The new contest will run during AI's Final 12, and the winner gets to compose the new American Idol winner's first single.

Now, where have I heard this idea before? Hmmmm.....where was it? Oh, I know! Right here on The Pop Eye. I came up with this concept last year after I almost vomited up my small intestine upon hearing "I Wanna Be Inside Your Heaven." See for yourself by taking a stroll down "I-thought-of-that-first" lane:

Bastards. Of course, the judges of the songwriting competition will probably be Diane Warren, David Hasselhoff and uh....I don't know...probably some rude British person. Therefore, they will reward songs that fit the traditional AI single mold, and we'll all find out that undiscovered crap is a lot more common than undiscovered talent.


Neo said...

Becky - Hmmmm, bastards! I'd call a lawyer if I was you.

Hope your doing better these days.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Lee Ann said...

Can't believe they stole your idea!
I hate it when that happens.

You did have a good idea, the next song has to be better!


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