Saturday, October 21, 2006

All You Need is Love...and a Good Lawyer...and a Psychiatrist...

I'm sure everyone has heard about the latest rumors surrounding the divorce of Paul McCartney and that one-legged hag. Now look, I don't routinely pick on the handicapped, but as far as I'm concerned, this "Lady," Heather Mills, doesn't deserve to be treated with respect.

I'm a Beatles fan, but I wouldn't classify myself as the rabid type. I was born too late to really have been part of that phenomenon. Still, one's never too young to appreciate good music, and I've appreciated their work for as long as I can remember. Paul's probably always been my favorite. And while I certainly don't know the guy, I can't even begin to believe half of the garbage that his ex is piling up on the curb for the media to pick up.

First of all, when the two first started divorce proceedings, Paul publicly defended Mills against allegations that she was just a gold digger - allegations which came from everywhere, especially his own children. How does she repay this kindness? Oh, she accuses him of being a mentally manipulative, physically abusive control freak.

If Paul really were as controlling as Heather is making him out to be, why did he never make her sign a pre-nup when they got married? The guy is LOADED. It's not something that any "rich bastard" would overlook. He didn't want to deal with that because he didn't think it was romantic. Hey, accuse Sir Paul of being naive, but not of being an abusive husband.

Some of Heather's claims are that Paul spilled wine on her head, stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass, refused to let her have an operation on her leg because it conflicted with holiday plans, made her crawl up the stairs without her prosthetic leg, and forbade her to breast-feed their daughter. The latter is my personal favorite, because according to Mills he told her, "Those are my breasts...I don't want a mouthful of breast milk." Give me a break. I don't believe that for one minute. Not only does it sound completely ridiculous, but it's pretty disrespectful to accuse Paul of saying that, considering that his first wife, Linda, died of breast cancer. Somehow I can't see him putting a pair of tits on a pedestal like that. Oh, and speaking of Linda, Heather is now claiming that Paul beat her up too. Now I'm really wishing that someone would beat the hell out of Heather. Maybe a cage match between her and Stella McCartney?

I'm not looking at this case through the eyes of a Beatle fan, thinking that Paul McCartney is a brilliant musician and songwriter, and therefore can do no wrong. I don't look at celebrities through rose-colored glasses. They're just like everyone else, capable of all kinds of things. However, it's just my gut feeling that this broad is lying through her crooked, horsey teeth. Paul has always been a "good guy." I don't know anyone who thinks otherwise. Aside from that, the news that Heather has "video evidence" of the breakdown of their marriage is pretty suspect to me. Couples fight, shit happens. How many people videotape that stuff? No one normal. No one who isn't looking to gain something.

Now there have been reports of Heather's infidelity with her personal trainer, and comments from her first husband that she previously needed therapy for compulsive lying. Well, her trainer left his girlfriend and has been hanging out quite a bit with Heather and her kid, and she did claim that Paul is a psychotic freak so...I tend to believe these reports.

I hope Paul can get out of this whole mess as quickly and as painlessly (too late) as possible. Hopefully he'll get custody of his and Heather's daughter, and won't have to lose too much of his fortune. A fortune that she had nothing to do with, and wasn't even born yet when he started making it.


Metal Mark said...

I am not much of a Beatles fan, but still side with Paul here and wish him the best in the divorce case. I think Heather's claims sound silly and wild. It's unfortunate that he had a child with her because she will get s chunk of money just for that. Although these crazy claims lead me to believe that she wants as much as she can get.

Masha said...

I am a semi Beatles fan, so Paul definitely gets my vote. Heather is just pyscho. Some one needs to get the child away from her too.

Writeprocrastinator said...

I'm more of a George and Ringo fan, but this all strikes me as completely out of character for Paul. You'd think that she might've came up with lies that were at least semi-plausible, instead of stuff from the "Dynasty" and "Melrose Place reject piles.

Next thing you know, she'll claim that Paul wanted her to catfight with Heather Locklear and run Joan Collins over.

Teri said...

GAH! THe unpleasantness! Gah! gah!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I also tackled this pack of lies, and pointd out some of the same things as you....
Will bookmark you as i like your style.

LoraLoo said...

I'm also not much of a Beatles fan, but I always admired that these guys managed to avoid the tabloids most of the time. This makes me very sad. What's the common denominator in all of this? Oh, right. Heather.


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