Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

October...and the trees are stripped bare of all they wear...what do I care...

Sorry U2 lovers, this week's video isn't one of theirs. I'm just in a very Autumnal mood. I'm thinking that all the weekly vids this month should be appropriate for October. And what's more appropriate than creepy and weird stuff, in honor of Halloween?

First up, a long lost video from my beloved Duran Duran. This is one that a lot of people may never have seen. Before YouTube, I only saw it once before, way back when I was about 13. Well, I shouldn't say I only saw it once...it was part of a video compilation that I had rented, so I'm sure I watched it as many times as I could before I had to take it back to the store. Why I never bought it is beyond me. I've seen the VHS tapes recently on Ebay, selling for ridiculous amounts of money. I guess they're collector's items now. I missed the boat on that one!

And what a perfect segue...here is "Nightboat" by Duran Duran. I remember thinking that this video was so amazingly cool when I was younger, but looking at it now it's a bit silly. And the song, well, it's okay but I can't believe Simon could do that "night bo-woh-WOH-t!" thing that many times without cracking up. I also can't believe I was so shocked when I grew up and found out that these guys were all on drugs. I think Simon may have been in an "I'm an extremely important artist" mode here, but whatever. He looked good. And Good Lord, look at John Taylor. Strangely enough, he was apparently the most coked out of all of the boys, yet he has aged the most gracefully. He just has strong, gorgeous genes I guess.

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An80sNut said...

One of my favorite songs of theirs. John Taylor caught me singing the song down a hallway at work when they were there to perform. I think he was shocked that I knew the song let alone had it in my head at that moment. I mentioned it to Andy Taylor later that day and he was pretty floored. It's just a cool tune. "The Chauffeur" is better though. B)


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