Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Rolling right along with this month's "creepy" theme, I give you Marilyn Martin's "Night Moves." Not to be confused with the Bob Seger song of the same name. If you somehow confused the two, put down the crack pipe.

Best known (or possibly only known) for her "Separate Lives" duet with Phil Collins, Marilyn enjoyed minor success with this video before fading into the '80s abyss. I don't remember hearing the song on the radio that often, but the vid got quite a bit of play on MTV - a concept piece that finds the Marilyn Monroe disciple taking on the role of a vampire. Well, maybe not. All signs point to her being a vampire, yet she walks down the street in broad daylight at the end. I don't care how much black she cloaked herself in or how huge her sunglasses were; if she's a vampire she has no business being in the sun. So, I think she is actually some type of black widow spider type of creature. Who knows. I remember thinking that this video and song were like, totally cool back then. I loved it so much that I frequently incorporated the song into my "bedroom mirror concert" set lists. That is actually scarier than the video.


An80sNut said...

I'm leaning more towards calling her a succubus. Always thought that the chorus never matched the verses well even though I like the chorus and some of the keyboard textures. Still a good tune though. B) You need to YouTube your mirror dance to this hahaha.

Edge said...

That chick's a sicko in the video.


Brooks said...

Wow! Way to capture that random piece of '80s trivia combined with a Halloween theme. I missed the boat on Marilyn Martin and this song/video so thanks for the catch up. Even though the theme of the vampiress is timeless, I love the classic sign-O-the time tell-tale signs like the winged quasi mullet on the first "victim" and the monochromatic white room with flowing fabric.


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