Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

The "scary" theme continues this week with "Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)" by Concrete Blonde. As the title suggests, the song is about vampires and as you can guess, so is the video. It's also evidence of Johnette Napolitano's obsession with Anne Rice. She even looks like she could be Anne's long-lost sister.

I'm going out of the '80s for this one, but not too far. The album, Bloodletting was released in 1990. I own this one and Mexican Moon, and was a moderate fan of Concrete Blonde. I've always thought Napolitano had a great set of pipes, although she was a bit too goth for my taste. The band had some good songs though. The semi-hit from Bloodletting, "Joey," is one of my favorite '80s tunes. (I know I say that a lot about a lot of different songs, but I have a lot of favorites...what can I say.) However, I don't think a lot of their music holds up now. I was listening to this CD the other day and found some of the songs very dated and even a bit laughable. Still, this one is a pretty good Halloween stand-by to, uh, sink your teeth into. Enjoy.

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Writeprocrastinator said...

(audible gasp!)
"I got the ways and means to New Orleans

I'm going down to the river where it's warm and green"

Concrete Blonde??? Did you know that Johnette's birthday was like a couple of weeks ago???




You are too cool for Jersey! Jersey doesn't deserve you!


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