Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eye Boogers

Like the goop that's always accumulating in the corners of our eyes, the following news items are curiously fascinating:

Reese and Ryan are Kaput - Not suprisingly, another Hollywood couple has called it quits and not surprisingly it's either a case of the husband being jealous of the wife's fame or the wife deciding not to put up with infidelity. However you slice it, Ryan Phillippe is the jackass in this situation. I never could stand that pouty-faced little twerp. I can't imagine what took Reese so long to kick him to the curb. I mean, this is a girl who once dated Jeremy Sisto! How could her taste in men deteriorate so much? Anyway, the problem now is that since there was no pre-nup, Ryan could end up getting much of Reese's fortune.

Faith Hill: Freakin' Out or Foolin' Around? - There has been some controversy over Faith Hill's conduct at Monday's CMAs. She had just finished performing a song and was waiting backstage while the award for Female Vocalist of the Year was being announced. When Carrie Underwood was named as the winner, she threw up her hands, seemed to say, "WHAT?" to the camera, and then walked off. Everyone is now jumping all over Faith for being a sore loser, but she insists that she was just joking. Now, while I would be the first person to bust a celebrity for acting like a diva, I believe her. I've seen this video and the "evidence" of Faith's so-called "freak-out" just isn't compelling enough for me to believe. While it's true that on these shows, the person who performs prior to an award announcement is quite often the winner, that's not always the case. Even if Faith thought she had a good chance of winning, I really doubt she would spaz over it, especially knowing that the camera was on her. Why would she look directly into the camera to show her outrage? Even if she was miffed, these stars know how to cover up their true feelings to protect their images. She's been around long enough to know better. To me, it just looks like she was smiling, waiting for the name to be called, heard it wasn't her and used the opportunity for a bit of sarcasm and then probably went back to her seat. Big deal. But, you can be the judge. The video can be found here.

Meet Doo-Gay Howser - Neil Patrick Harris "proudly" came out of the closet...well, after a website pretty much outed him. I don't know what's less surprising these days - Hollywood couples getting divorced or well-groomed, single actors admitting that they're gay.

Kirstie Alley Wears a Bikini on Oprah - Gotta give the girl props. She certainly doesn't have the body of a runway model, but who the hell does? (Besides runway models, duh.) She looks good for 55...or any age, really. Now I just wish she'd stop wearing so much damn makeup.

Lindsay Lohan Hates Her 'Party Girl' Image - But she loves the coke!

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Writeprocrastinator said...

I knew Reese and Ryan was going to go down exactly the way it did, couples just can't spend that much time away from each other and not expect things to turn out like that.


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