Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

I've been on a Crowded House listening binge for the past week, so you might think that I would post one of their videos today. Ah, but that would be much too predictable of me. Instead, I've opted to reach a little further back into Neil Finn's career when he was kickin' it with his bro, Tim, in Split Enz. This is "I Got You," a song with one of the most impossibly catchy choruses ever written. It's just a great tune. I had almost forgotten about its existence at one point, but was thankfully reminded of it on Pearl Jam's Binaural tour. They did a lovely cover of it. As I found out later, Eddie Vedder is a big fan of Neil Finn, as am I. See? More proof that we're meant for each other.

As much as I remember and love this song, I've only seen the video one other time and it was a couple of years ago on VH1 Classic. It screams '80s. I don't know what's up with Neil in this vid but he looks like a cross between that kid who played Knox Overstreet in Dead Poet's Society and Pee-Wee Herman.


Anonymous said...

YES Finally Someone else who loves Crowded House and Split Enz and the Finns!

Love your blog--absolutely brilliant

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention--I have this on vinyl-and I agree with you about the chorus

Rex Venom said...

Cool Cool Cool!
How about more interesting stuff?
Rock on!

JJ said...

He does look a lot like Pee Wee. Except he's not jerking off in an adult theater.


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