Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

On my holiday trip back to the 'Burgh, I not only got to spend some quality time with the family, but with VH-1 Classic. (My Dad has it. Just one of the many reasons that my Dad kicks ass.)

During one VH-1 veg-out session, I was delighted to finally see the video for Nena's "Just A Dream" again. Delighted because I've started to think over the years that Nena never really had a follow-up semi-hit to "99 Luftballoons" and that it may have all been just...a...dream. Oddly enough, I could never remember how the song went, but vividly remembered almost everything about the video. Especially the lip gloss-wearing, Nick Rhodes wannabe keyboard player. And I thought Nena showed her hairy pits, but upon further review, I'm mistaken. Trust me though, the girl didn't have a razor. And ok, so her name wasn't really Nena (that was the band), but it was like Katerina Von Glupschkleckklugen or something equally crazy and German, so I'll just continue to call her Nena.

See if y'all remember this one...


Turnbaby said...

Beckeye--YOU RAWK! Wow--remembering the depth beyond 99luftballoons. LOLOL I had forgotten this one. Classic.

Edge said...

99 Red Balloons is still one of my all time favorites, but why is it that German stuff looks like an American knock off? Like stuff you find in the Dollar Store.


An80sNut said...

My problem with pop culture is that it quickly ignores the things that don't hit as high on the charts. Great to see it gain a second life on YouTube.


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