Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith: The Final Chapter

Brace yourselves for the shocker, kids. Anna Nicole Smith is dead. Someone at work told me just five minutes ago and I thought it was a hoax. However, this one's true.

A cause of death hasn't been determined yet, but apparently Smith died after collapsing today in a Florida hotel. This comes on the heels of her son's mysterious death, which was later found to be drug-related, yet accidental. I can't imagine a woman Anna's age just dropping dead for no reason, but you never know.

Being the suspicious type, I wouldn't be surprised if her death ended up being TrimSpa related. I don't trust any of those diet drugs. I knew a guy who took Xenadrine, and he said it made him feel like his heart was going to burst out of his chest. I worked at GNC when they were nearly put out of business by the Ephedra scare. It's bad stuff. I've been struggling to shed some pounds, but I would never go that route.

Whatever the cause, I'm not making any jokes about Anna's untimely death. She really is quite a strange, tragic figure. I suppose she went out in similar fashion to her idol, Marilyn Monroe. I just feel sad for the daughter whose paternity is still in question and who will now have to grow up without a mother.


Edge said...

If drama is classically divided into comedy and tragedy - where the hero or heroine lives or dies respectively - Anna Nicole was definitely the star of a tragedy.


Les Becker said...

I almost emailed you yesterday, wondering what you thought of all this. And to think it's all going to get even worse for awhile, at least for that baby. Poor girl.

Neo said...

Becky - I think when they finally figure out how she died, it will be an OD. I feel like she may have knew something more about her son's death than she let on. Maybe guilt had something to do with what happened to her yesterday.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Turnbaby said...

Gosh this sounds harsh to say but I wonder how she survived this long considering all of the drugs, diets stress, etc. I hope someone with at least some common sense steps in and gives that baby some chance at a normal life.

Layla said...

I was surprised that this news upset me so much. I posted on my blog that this is a classic case of trying everything to find happiness, and never finding it.

I hope Neo is wrong. I hope that her and her son were drug addicts who accidentally OD's then at least her daughter won't have to have too many weird stories about her mom floating around.

Poor kid :(

LoraLoo said...

I just feel sad for that poor child. I am a little concerned as to why she's getting so much press coverage. Her death is tragic, no doubt... but she's getting as much if not more press than a former US President.

Bond said...

strange and tragic... perfect description

Had some time today, during my trip, to do a "walk around the blogs"

Masha said...

i think this story is especially shocking, because of how young she was. It proves that your body and mentality can only take so much. No doubt, her story will be on E! True Hollywood story in the near future.

Arlen said...

I'm amazed (though I shouldn't be) at the amount of coverage this is getting. I feel badly for her daughter and I feel badly that Anna so obviously and desperately was looking for an identity that she never found...

Teri said...

Maybe an allergic reaction to the material in her breast implants. I feel sort of sad. She seemed so, so, so....lost, I guess.

Lee Ann said...

Yeah, I feel bad for the little baby girl.

Happy Villain said...

One of co-hosts (Buzz Kilman) of one of the local radio talk shows I listen to said that not only is this really sad, but CNN has turned into a 24-hour soft-core porn channel, showing all these clips of her. It's really bizarre to see all these stiff (ahem!) anchormen in their I'm-so-professional suits standing before a montage of Anna photos, discussing her life's accomplishments. I'm sorry she died and I feel terrible for her baby, but the whole matter is surreal. And it's also given us another Howard (K) Stern to hate.


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