Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Nope, I still have no home internet access yet. And if I get caught blogging at work, they'll cut off my hand. Really. So just be patient and enjoy the videos that I'm still managing to post every week.

This is "Let My People Go-Go" by The Rainmakers. I haven't thought of this band in a long time, and they just popped into my head now. I remember that when I first saw this video, I thought these guys were kind of weird and annoying. Then my brother got a couple of their records and I ended up really liking them. They were another one of those cool bands that seemed to be respected by a lot of folks, but never really went anywhere. I don't think they're still together, but they have a MySpace page...as everyone does.

And, as a bonus, here's another Rainmakers vid, "Downstream," which is a better song, in my opinion. I always remember the line "God is an Indian giver, I don't trust nothing but the Mississippi River." Technically, if you believe in God, you believe that He made the Mississippi River, so that really makes no sense. But let's not split hairs. It's still a cool line and a groovy song.


Lee Ann said...

Good luck in the new job.

Happy Valentine's Day Beckeye!

Dale said...

I loved The Rainmakers. I had their cassette. Must watch / listen. Thanks.


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