Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

It's neither a holiday nor the anniversary of the release of National Lampoon's Vacation. I'm not going on a road trip. Chevy Chase isn't dead. In spite of all this, this week's video is Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road." I've been thinking about Lindsey since yesterday's discussion of the white man afro in my Oscar post. And really, do I need a reason to post a Lindsey Buckingham video? Girls, you with me on this?

Just how beautiful is Mr. Buckingham? Let me put it this way. I love Stevie Nicks, but the woman definitely had one toot too many if she suddenly woke up next to him one day and thought, "I could do better." And she probably could've, being that she was a rock goddess and all, but Mick Fleetwood? Joe Walsh? Jimmy Iovine? Don Henley wasn't a bad choice, but he still doesn't top Lindsey. And he could not pull off the white man 'fro. See pictorial evidence.

Of course, this video came from Lindsey's post-afro period, when his mane evolved into the Eraserhead or Cosmo Kramer 'do. And even though the makeup artists probably put a bit too much on him, he's still quite the hottie. What chiseled features. His face looks like it was carved outta buttah.


Layla said...

I really hate to come over here to your blog and be an annoying show off...but guess who I had a drink with back in 198?

Yep, none other than the gorgeous Lindsey. **sigh** I met him in Laguna Beach on the boardwalk. Geez that was ten MILLION years ago!

Thanks for the memory....

Lee Ann said...

ummm...yes, gorgeous indeed!
One of my favorite "albums" I own...Buckingham Nicks.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Chevy Chase isn't dead."

Can you say the same about his career?

LoraLoo said...

You know I didn't remember he sang this song. For shame!

He definitely was a hottie back then. Barbara got to meet all the cute ones... hmpf! :)

Tootsie said...

By far the best lost video you've had on to date....who doesn't love the sexilicious Lindsey?


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