Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Here's a pretty random video for you all to enjoy - "Hang up the Phone" by Annie Golden. A lot of you may be thinking, "Hang up the what by whootie who?" because the song was never a huge hit. Still, in my pre-MTV, Night Tracks-lovin' days, I recall seeing this vid quite a bit. At the time, I thought Annie was kind of a Cyndi Lauper knock-off, but I still thought the song was really catchy. As it turns out, Annie starred in the film version of Hair and, in the late '70s, fronted a punk band called The Shirts. So, who knows...maybe Cyndi was emulating her??

I'll be interested to know how many of you remember this one...


Les Becker said...

I never heard of the song (although I did see "Hair"), but you're right - she's very Cindy Lauperish - or vice-versa.

What kept running through my head watching that, though, was "Gawd, if I had to go back to being tied to the wall while talking on the phone...!" Not to mention how impressed we would have been with cellphones back in 1981. Holy shit.

BarBarA said...

LOL! It hard to believe we had to be tied to a phone to talk. Maybe life was simpler back then....Nah!

Fun vid!!

Edge said...

I remember that song. She does sound a lot like Cyndi Lauper. I like Cyndi's Money Changes Everything.


An80sNut said...

I remember the song... just barely. I think it might have been a quick airing of the video. For some reason, I can't look at the video and not think about Lauper and even Tracey Ullman's "They Don't Know."

deadspot said...

You know, "Hang up the what by whootie who?" is actually pretty close to what I was thinking, but now that I've actually had a chance to play the video, I do remember it.

Night Tracks was awesome. I remember an episode that was all wierd old drug movies, including Reefer Madness and an insane old movie with "Coke Ennyday: Scientific Detective," a guy who who got super powers by snorting coke out of this huge hatbox full of cocaine.

Oh my god. Of course it's on youtube. Wait until you see who's in the credits. Unbelievable.

They also had a running bit that was a really, really funny parody of the Power Rangers. They bought the rights to some obscure Japanese live action Power Rangers knock-off, and dubbed their own dialogue over it. My favorite piece of dialog went like this:

Dr. Ho: "Long, long ago..."
Orphans: "Before Madonna?"
Dr. Ho: "Before ZZ Top."

Whenever someone talks about something happening a long time ago, I have to stifle the urge to ask "Before Madonna?"


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