Thursday, March 15, 2007

Idol Results: 3/14/07

My prediction from Tuesday: "As for who will be leaving this week...if there is any justice in the world, it will be Sunjaya. I have a feeling that even his sympathy voters are starting to lose interest. Still, a lot of dumb 12 year-olds may really take to his new Shirley Temple curls and keep backing him. If not Sunjaya, it will probably be Brandon."

Well, it looks like the Good Ship Lollipop won't be docking anytime soon. Sunjaya was saved and Brandon was forced to walk the plank. I don't know if it's the 12 year-olds or the support of that's keeping this doofus in the game.

By the way, I think The Dawg should've told Diana Ross she was pitchy last night. She was. I'm just keeping it real. I kept waiting for Jennifer Hudson to storm the stage and yell, "She cain't sing like me!" and then burst into "And I'm Telling You." Alas, it only happened in my head.


John K said...

Oh if it were only the sympathy voters... in actuallity there is a site destroy american idol...that is actually helping perpetuate this nonsense of Sanjaya still being on the show. While I totally agree that he should be gone, this site with their supporters are trying to rig the show so that the worst contestant will win

The Randomness said...

My crazy feeling wasnt so crazy after all. I knew they woud keep Sunjaya on. I lost faith in AI ever since j Hud was voted off. I ranted and raved they set a precedent. Its no longer a singing competition. I think someone is trying to prank Simon. It would be interesting to see Sanjaya make the top 4. Simon would personally ask him to leave. Personally I think it serves them right. I do not know what they listen for anymore. They gae Robin the boot (the girl who sang with Justin at the Grammy's) and let Sunjaya in...oh well I am enjoying the I evil?

Lee Ann said...

I cannot believe Sunjaya did not go must be a conspiracy!

Writeprocrastinator said...

When I was flipping through channels this morning, they played a clip of the men singing on the stage and four of them were just...horrible, to put it politely.

What happened? From what I've heard of guys who were on in previous years on talks shows and appearances, they could at least hit some notes. This year, is, just, wrong.

Dale said...

Now that's a show I would have loved to see. JHud storming the big red dress of a very different Lady Diana.

Travis said...

I muted Ms Ross.

But get this - if Sanjaya survives one more week, he'll be in the top 10 and earn the right to record a song for the AI6 CD.


Layla said...

I wish you could download that scene from your head onto the TV screen, it would be so cool to see that!!!

What do you think of Technorati tags?
I use them too but have no idea if it does anything worthwhile. Opinion?

Bond said...

Trying to catch up on lost time today...If you saw my Wednesday post you will see that Randy said just that in my world!

Votefortheworst is going to help but the good news is he was in the bottom two not the top four like a few weeks ago.


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