Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Idol Results: 3/21/07

Wow, I really sucked this week! I predicted that the bottom three would be Sunjaya, Phil and Gina, and all of them were safe. Yes, that's right, Sunjaya is still safe. It's not even shocking anymore.

Last night, I almost picked Stephanie over Gina to be in the bottom, but changed my mind at the last minute. I still would've picked Phil to leave, so it wouldn't have really mattered. Still, I'm not surprised to see Steph go. No biggie. I knew Chrustin Richardslake wasn't going anywhere. (That's my new nickname for Chris Richardson. I could so write for Star magazine.)

Peter Noone and Lulu both blew Diana Ross out of the water with their performances. Although, Peter's attempts at dancing were worse than Ryan's, and the contestants all looked a bit frightened.

As for Lulu...well, I think the producers should see if she wants to be in the competition. She could spice the whole thing up. Simon certainly seemed to perk up when she hit the stage. That cougar was on the prowl tonight! She could certainly teach Haley a thing or two about showing off the milk without giving the whole store away for free. And if you all didn't think she looked like ONJ before, what do you think now that you've seen her in her modern version of Sandy II's outfit from Grease? She's electrifyin'!


Allison said...

seriously, i hate to say this, but the girl crying last night was planted in the show so sunjaya will win, i have said it since he made it through this far, that he will beat out melinda because of silly teenage girls who think he is hot. I really think simon is sick of making comments about the singers because it does no good and i think he hates sunjaya as much as i do. im sorry but its hard to watch because i know its a waste of my time, but i still do..i really hope people stop voting for him and play the game fairly, i could make a few more comments, but im not trying to get beat up by bloggers.. see ya!

LoraLoo said...

This show is going to lose all credibility thanks to websites like and Howard Stern, who sway the vote. I tell you what, if Sanjaya wins, I sure as hell won't be watching anymore.

Les Becker said...

I'm SO not into Idol anymore. What happened to me?!

The Randomness said...

lol@ the comment about Haley. Like I predicted last week, I think Sunjaya will be around for a longlong time. What is beginning to bore me silly is Simon's constant "Melinda are you that nice, Melinda you are nice, blah blah blah" He should stop. I think Lakisha will go sooner than we think.... I stopped caring after the whole J Hud saga, but I watch and of course your comments are the highlight!!

Writeprocrastinator said...

I agree with Loraloo about the credibility, though I don't know if Howard or anyone else can sway it if everything is rigged.

It's funny how on every competitive reality show, there is always someone who stays until the season finale, when they should've been eliminated on the very first episode.


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