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American Idol Top 6 Redux: Sponsored by Aqua Net

Due to some blasted commuting issues, I didn't get home until nearly 8:15, so I missed the beginning of American Idol tonight. It's just a good thing that I made it at all, because missing Bon Jovi night would've been a real shot through my heart.

Since I'm watching Jordin right now, I've obviously missed the first performance. I'm hoping it was Phil Stacey because I've never fallen asleep to a Bon Jovi song and I don't want to start now. I guess I'll figure out who I'm missing soon enough.

Jordin Sparks is dressed up like Chaka Khan (why?) and performing the '80s classic, "Livin' on a Prayer." She's half-singing, half-shouting, so I guess you could say she's halfway there. Randy and Paula think they've certainly heard better from Jordin, but that she did a great job considering that she chose a tough song. Simon says it was horrible. Tommy says it doesn't make a difference if she makes it (to next week) or not. She gave it a shot. I say she could be in trouble, but her past performances should be enough to keep her alive.

Jon Bon is telling LaKisha Jones something about soul singing, but I'm too transfixed by his gorgeous teeth and hair to pay attention. Words...words...words...is it possible that this guy gets more gorgeous with each passing second? I'll ponder that during the next mentoring session. Right now, KiKi is singing "This Ain't a Love Song," a track from the sadly underrated These Days. I thought she might have some trouble with this, but aside from a few weird notes in the first verse, she is really handling the song well. All of the judges think LaKisha rocked it out, while Simon acts like a groupie and insists on giving her a kiss. A little peck is fine, Simon, but just remember that I was born to be your baby.

Jon seems concerned that Blake Lewis's modern take on "You Give Love a Bad Name" may not go over very well with Bon Jovi purists. He thinks some people might not like it being "messed with." Perhaps he should've taken his own advice back in 1994 before sucking all the fun out of "Livin' on a Prayer" to revamp it as a weak, Bossa Nova-lite dud. But, whatever. I forgive him because he is, in fact, getting more gorgeous with each passing second. I knew it wasn't my imagination. Anyway, on to Blake. He looks like the missing member of 30 Seconds to Mars with the new hair color, but I'd bet he could kick Jared Leto's ass. Hell, I could kick Jared Leto's ass. Speaking of ass-kicking, I've got to hand it to Blake because he is really funking up this song. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I dig his quirkiness, originality and the sheer size of his cajones. All of the judges love it and wish they had brought their lighters with them.

Here's Chris Richardson, whom Ryan flat-out introduces as Justin Timberlake. At least he didn't call him Chrustin Richardslake, or I'd be dumping Seacrest's body in the swamps of Jersey. Chris forgets the words to "Wanted Dead or Alive" in front of Jon Bon, which is understandable. I'm sure being in the presence of that giant hunk of man meat would get just about anyone flustered. Speaking of man meat...uh, Dave Bryan?? Come on! Where the hell is Richie Sambora?? And why hasn't Richie aged nearly as well as Jon? I must put these questions aside for now and concentrate on Chris's performance. Thankfully, he's remembering all the lyrics but this is like watching the internal struggle of someone with multiple personalities. He's trying really hard to keep Timberlake at bay, but he keeps sneaking through here and there. Overall, it's a decent performance but he's not exactly rockin' my face. Randy and Paula love Chris, but Simon thinks he may not have been good enough to stay safe this week.

Closing out the show for what seems like the millionth time is Melinda Doolittle with her take on "Have a Nice Day." This is the perfect song choice for Melinda (even if she doesn't know it) because she seems like the type who would tell someone to have a nice day after they got in her face. Once again, Melinda proves her (hair) mettle by diving into a genre that she knows virtually nothing about and singing the hell out of this song. Once again, the judges are all dazzled. Once again, I'm left to ponder exactly how many Bon Jovi songs contain some variation of the phrase, "I'm gonna live my life."

G.W. and the wife show up via recorded message to thank everyone for raising $70 million last week and then try to make funny. I've seen more personality from the automatons in the Hall of Presidents. I'm going to just forget that I saw that.

Looks like Phil Stacey was first! During the phone number recap, I get a quick peek at his cover of "Blaze of Glory" and it sounds like I may have missed a pretty good performance. But, Phil's vocals have never been his problem. The issue is that even if he sang the song well - what was that clip, like 20 seconds long? I still got bored about halfway through. I'm sorry, but he's completely forgettable. Or maybe I'm just used to hearing that song sung by someone with an awesome, thick head of hair.

The finalists may have gotten a little too used to never saying goodbye after last week's pity party, but with only six left, soon to be four, the reality is that anyone could go. This is usually the time of year that weird stuff starts to happen so no one should get too comfy. Even you, Melinda! Who says you can't go home? (Ok, so I just wanted to use that Bon Jovi title. I don't really believe that Melinda will get voted off.)

I think LaKisha was in trouble last week, but she redeemed herself tonight. Rock 'n roll threw Jordin for a loop, but she has been consistently fantastic throughout the competition. Blake really took a chance with his performance, which he will most likely be rewarded for. That leaves Phil and Chris, who have both struggled with various issues. Therefore, I'm predicting that they will be the two to get bounced.


Dale said...

Good predictions. You also missed Phil's head doing that flop sweat thing.

Travis said...

Phil was outstanding last night. If Jordin's fans don't show for her, she could be out tonight along with Chris.

Hey, you would have loved Ian Monday on Dancing. Check these out.



And there appeared to have been a 90210 reunion of sorts. Good old Tori showed her support.

cube said...

I like coming here post-Idol to read your comments. Once again, they are spot on...

OK, I'll forgive your Bush comment. Give him a little credit... He didn't sing OR dance which would've been way worse ;-)

Anyway, I think Chris is going home for sure. The second spot isn't so easy to predict. If you go strictly by last night's performance, then it's Jordin.

But like you said, strange things happen at the end.

Scott said...

I actually watched Idol last night! I stumbled upon it and got sucked in. And I've decided that if Melinda Doolittle doesn't win, I'm boycotting for another five years.

Flannery Alden said...

If God is merciful, Phil will be gone tonight.

kellypea said...

Love the post -- Yah, Dubyah is trawlin' for something if he's on AI, like whatt? This was his idea, or, I dunno. I'm going to have to think on that one. And I think that it will be Chris and LaKisha. Not b/c of her performance. Jordin will get the cute vote -- or Sanjay's hair voters.

Deb said...

Well, tuning into some "Idol Chatter" on USA Today, I have to agree with some of the comments on the forum. My opinions are that Lakisha and Chris are getting the boot tonight. Even though Lakisha belted out a nice tune, she still lacks overall quality. As for Chris, I find him very boring. I am still a huge fan of Melinda and feel she can sing anything, and Blake just gets on my nerves. I really don't know much about Bon Jovi stuff, but for rocky type songs everyone of them did quite well. Poor Jordin - wasn't her best night, and although not my all time fav, shouldn't be booted due to one bad song. Phil, still out on the vote for him.

LoraLoo said...

Yes, I do believe Jon Bon Jovi does get hotter by the second!

I thought Blake's take on "You Give Love a Bad Name" was damn creative. I was wincing when he first started and then stared in awe for the rest of the show.

He is so totally my pick to win.


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