Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Idol Results: 5/16/07

So, I had several things written down about AI tonight. Some funny, some not. Some comments about how much I detest Adam Levine, some of my usual confusion over Blake's wardrobe (sweater vest over Seinfeld's puffy shirt tonight), and some more griping about the sheer length of the results show. But I'm chucking it all. I can quickly sum up tonight's show thusly: 15-year-old girls with unlimited cellphone minutes are not qualified to judge vocal talent.

Melinda's gone. Oh, Si. Oh, Si. You better learn how to face it.

Yeah, Simon looked positively livid upon hearing about Melinder's ouster. Yes it was disturbing, but I can't say I'm completely surprised. It's all about youth and looks on this show and in the pop music world in general. I'm sure Melinda already has 15 voicemail messages from hungry record labels, so it's really no big deal. Getting voted off is probably the best thing that could've happened for someone with her talent.

I guess this means I have to go back to my original prediction that Jordin will win...or does it? While watching the videos of the Idols visiting their hometowns, it seemed that Blake got the biggest reception and had the most rabid fans. We'll see. I'm still holding off on any final predictions until Blake and Jordin go head to head next week.


Dale said...

I wasn't incredibly surprised either and you're right, from here on she's eligible for a decent career and possibly Elliot Yamin hair.

Les Becker said...

Like I said back to you on your comment on my blog, the last thing Melinda needed was to win this thing. No contract. She can make a career out of this now.

An80sNut said...

Winning can be a curse and in many ways for that reason... here's hoping that Blake wins. Yet we all know that the ladies deserve it. I can cite many reasons for either Jordin or Melinda. Both will be very successful, though.

kellypea said...

Yah, my husband was totally pissed off. But you're right, of course. She's got jobs lined up and waiting.

And we can't figure out what's up w/ Blake's shirt thing either. Totally a late '70's female thing.

Turnbaby said...

I have been an uninvolved observer this year. But I can say from my experience last year it takes dedicated organization and rabid --and yes I mean rabid--fanaticism to overcome what the producers want as the end result of this show. Members of the Soul Patrol actually purchased and funded Go phones for others so that we could get extra votes for Taylor. I voted with three land lines plus my cell plus hubby's cell. I voted for the entire length of time every night. I never split my votes--i betcha anything folks split votes between Melinda and Jordin.

In the end--ya gotta VOTE. I heard a lot of people talking about liking Melinda and I guarantee a lot of them didn't vote.

Melinda is a fine singer--but 'fine' singers abound quite honestly--there's nothing memorable about her to me.

Blake annoys me with his scintilla of talent--He's Bobby Goldsboro in a bad outfit--

Jordin can be a fantastic talent---she's just a baby but I think she'll go far.

And--I just might bring the old voting fingers out of retirement for her

Bond said...

You posted on THE COUCH before my post, I am angered by the whole thing.

Maybe I have no right to be as I was not part of the voting public. Turn makes a good point about the Soul Patrol last season.

I was just angered. I have retired this show from my viewing schedule.

LoraLoo said...

I think Blake sang the Maroon 5 song better than Adam Levine - obviously a studio does wonders for that guy. I always get a little put off when bands say nothing to Seacrest after a performance. Is it time? Is it snobby? Or just because they weren't mentors, they can't possibly have a valued opinion? They did the same thing when Pink performed.

Yeah, I'll admit it, again. I'm a Blake fan. I think Jordin has a better set of pipes, but I think Blake is just as marketable and has more of the "yo factor". Melinda's going to do just fine...

Flannery Alden said...

The most interesting thing last night was Elliot's new teeth.

Though I do enjoy the visits home.

cube said...

My husband was so ticked off that he says he's done with Idol next year except for the early auditions. I mean, who wouldn't want to miss people like Jennifer the Hotness and Ian Bernado ;-)

I know it's better for Melinda in the long run, but I sooooo wanted that little **ick Blake voted off.

My Side of The Bed said...

One of my co-workers said she cried when Melinder (hahaha, the British "r") was voted off. But all you have to do is finish in the top five to write your ticket. She'll probably win an Oscar or star on Broadway. Good for her!


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

you're totally right about her phone ringing off the hook...she will go on to have a career and in a few years we will have forgotten what's his name and that other girl...not that they aren't know what I mean.

John Left said...

I've never watched more than 5 minutes of "A.I." per season. But if that show could harness a tenth of the wit and energy of your writing about it, I would tune in every week.

Great blog!

Travis said...

The one thing I would like to do is go back and remind the producers and judges and media that they billed Seattle as one of the worst audition cities.

Well, Blake from Bothel - about 20 minutes outside Seattle - is in the final and could win.

I don't like his style, but he is talented at what he does.

I will purchase Melinda's CD when it comes out.

The Randomness said...

You are so right BeckEye, they have to revisit the voting system. I know that they think giving someone a bushbaby cute, but they need to stop.

Fine writing as usual, I for one am going to miss this....wanna pick on America got Talent??


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