Monday, May 21, 2007

An Open Letter to John Mulaney

Dear John:

Please get off Best Week Ever. You're ruining it.

That is all.



Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't know this show, but I will be rushing right out to not watch it.

Scott said...

I may have mentioned this before, but even though I love the concept of that show, I have a hard time watching it because the talking heads are mostly no-names. It's one thing to see Hal Sparks or Kathy Griffin taking shots at other celebrities on I Love the 80s. They're actually successful, and have some authority to speak.

As great as I Love the 80s was, it started this trend of other shows using talking heads, but the other shows get people you've never heard of. Now, it's just some unknown guy dissing Julia Roberts or Lindsay Lohan or whoever, which just makes me angry. Like, "Who the F--- are you? YOU think you can make fun of Lindsay Lohan? You're a total nobody!"

Yeah, so I stay away from that show for the sake of my mental sanity...

Bond said...

come on dear, you are not one to hold back.. how do you really feel?

BeckEye said...

Barbara - The show is actually really funny. This turd is NOT. And they seem to be letting him take over the show.

Scott - Well, I'm a nobody and I like to make fun of Lindsay Lohan. But you can ask me who the F I am. I'll try to come up with a good answer. :)

Bond - Well...he's a dorky looking, squinty-eyed jackass who thinks it's funny to say everything in a drawn-out, ultra-dry, mocking tone, but instead of laughing at him all I want to do is punch him in the testicles. I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling either.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Absolutely. Then they can actually air the show more than once a week instead of all the Flavor of Love derivatives.

Happy Villain said...

Oh man, I miss the days when Hal Sparks was on all the VH-1 shows. Beck, how do we nominate/recommend/appoint you to the shows? Show these dorks who's boss!

Anonymous said...

What? If you think Hal Sparks has even an ounce more of stardom compared to some of the funny people currently on BWE, you're crazy. Mulaney is actually one of the funnier people on the show. Sparks isn't exactly a superstar -- and he's just barely average as far as a comedian goes.

Lindsay/Paris/Britney/New York/etc.. are just waiting to be slammed for their public displays of idiocy, and I don't care who does it. Just make it funny. I like BWE, but Joel McHale on "The Soup" does this job with much more success, in my opinion.


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