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This Is...Americanadian Eye-Dale

As most of you are probably aware, the Q&A sessions have been making the blog-rounds lately. I've already been interviewed once by that lovely Southern Belle, Turnbaby, but the uber-passionate Dale wants to pry my book open just a tad more. Being another considerate soul, Dale made sure to stick close to pop culture topics, so as not to "break my blog."

1. Given the choice, would you opt to write a weekly entertainment column for a magazine / newspaper or do a regular 'Hollywood Minute' style segment on television?

I suppose it would be fun to be on TV, but I've never been very telegenic. Plus, I would hate to have to wear pancake makeup once a week. Therefore, I would go with the written column.

2. I see from your MySpace page that you'll be heading for Jersey to see longtime loves Squeeze in August. Do you think Brooklyn will be okay with you stepping out on it so soon? And have you already picked out your outfit?

Brooklyn is pretty laid-back, so I think it can deal with it. Now, if snobby Manhattan gets pissy, it can go straight to hell. If it didn't let the Beacon Theatre charge twice as much for tickets, I wouldn't have to haul myself all the way to Jersey for the show.

As for my outfit, I have no idea. I bought VIP tickets, which entitles me to a meet-n-greet, so obviously I don't want to look like a slob in the event that I don't chicken out again when it comes time to meet Glenn Tilbrook. Hey, thanks for making me stress over this months in advance!

3. It seems forward of me to get personal but you don't seem to delve much into books on your blog. Is it your secret shame that you cannot read?

If I say yes, do you think the Lifetime Network would make a movie about me, like The Fantasia Barrino Story?

I go on reading jags, and then I won't read anything for a really long time. I don't know why that is, it just is. You obviously didn't pay attention to my "Favorite Books" section of my profile where you would've found some books, none of which have pictures. I actually just started Mitch Albom's For One More Day.

4. If you were forced to go, would you attend a Britney Spears 'concert' or a Lindsay Lohan 'concert'?

I think a Britney show would be completely hilarious, as long as I wasn't paying for it. Sadly, I actually like some of her songs so I could at least tap my foot and sing along. I couldn't tell you one song that LiLo sings. No that's not true, there's that "I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed" piece of crap. Wait, would I be allowed to be near the front and endlessly heckle? Then it might be more fun to go to the Lohan show. Wow, I had no idea this would be such a hard decision.

5. You love a lot of 80s music and there's virtually no harm in that. What current music do you like?

Pearl Jam has been my favorite band since they burst onto the scene. I have some friends who are in great bands (Vic Thrill + The Saturn Missile, Knockout Drops, Mad Larry), which I've written about here before. Other artists I'm really digging these days (who aren't leftovers from the '70s or '80s) are: The Killers, The Stills, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Beck, Pete Yorn, Fountains of Wayne, Art Brut and My Morning Jacket.

Bonus Questions:
Dale said I could mix and match and answer whatever I wanted, but what the hell...I'll answer all the questions. Back in school, I always rocked the Bonus/Extra Credit questions, so I'm hoping to continue my streak.

B1. Do you have any hair care tips or fashion advice for Simon Cowell?

Yes I do. But I will only divulge that information in a lengthy, closed-door meeting with Sir Cowell.

B2. Can Melinda Doolittle do a lot with no neck?

Yes she can. But I often wonder exactly where her vocal chords are located.

B3. Who do you like better, Coaster Punchman or Melinda June?

Hmm, I don't really know either of them that well yet, but I've read both of their blogs. I love Coaster Punchman's name, because I love roller coasters and punching a man also can be great fun. Melinda June seems to have many of the same pop culture likes as me, and since I'm on her blogroll I should probably say that I like her better. However, I feel like this is some kind of 5th grade playground trap, so I refuse to answer.

B4. Kathy Griffin: for or against?

I used to hate her, but my roommate loves her. He's gay. She's a big fan of the gays, you know. If you don't know, just ask and she'll ramble on about it for 5 hours. Anyway, he forced me to watch her recent reality show, My Life on the D-List, on Bravo and I was surprised by how funny it was. So now I'm kind of for her, but I still get the feeling that if I ever met her in person, I would have to either walk away from her after 3 minutes or tape her mouth shut.

B5. Can you answer almost any question with a song lyric?

You keep talking. Where's it going? If there's an answer, I don't know it. Please. You're killing me. Please! You're killing me with all these questions.

Want to know more about what makes my Pop Eye tic? Just ask. On the flip side, if you would like me to interview you, leave your request as a comment.


cube said...

An in-depth interview. You are moving up in the blogworld.

Tanya Espanya said...

I love reading all the interviews that have been going around.

This was another excellent installment.

Turnbaby said...

LOLOL B2--SOMEONE finally said it!!!

Dale said...

Of course, I clearly cannot read but I can still love. If they make the Lifetime movie, can I be in it? Every movie needs an ass or two.

Excellent answers Beckeye and it was a pleasure racking my brain trying to not sound like a total maroon. Keep on rockin' in the free world. And everywhere else!

Les Becker said...

Pearl Jam - Yes, yes, you ARE a kindred spirit. And if you ever really do get offered that choice between the column and the tv news spot, can I have the tv news spot. That would be right up my alley. If I had an alley.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well answered! It would be well worth the price of admission (as well as the agony of attending) to sit beside you in the front row of a Lindsay Lohan concert to watch you mercilessly heckle her. I'll bet you would be like a hyena! (that's a compliment, in case it wasn't evident)

Coaster Punchman said...

Fifth grade???? Try second grade!!! (I was way too mature for this by the time I reached fifth....)

I will up the ante and add you to my blogroll...twice!!


Coaster Punchman said...

Also, I thought about trying to get tickets for the Squeeze/Fountains of Wayne show at the (insert name of that theater on the upper West side here) but I was too lazy and figured it might sell out right away anyway. Also, the seats at that theater (starts with a B) have no legroom and is quite uncomfortable.

Bond said...

Great interview...

Ummm please come by the COUCH tomorrow.

And do not hate me....

Writeprocrastinator said...

Great interview Dale and Becka!

If I want to read about books or authors, I go to those related blogs and sites. This is a pop culture blog and books rarely have any influence on pop culture in these times. If you want to exclude books for the most part, so be it.

P.S. Dale? Stop with the Coaster V. Melinda-thing. Quoth the Dean, "you're tearing me apart!"

Dale said...

You're not the boss of me WP. I'll ask about books and CP & MJ anytime I want. Who do you like more? Me or me?

Anonymous said...

BTW, Pearl Jam's cover of The Who's Love Reign O'er Me is spot on... is that from a soundtrack or do they have something new in the pipes?

Melinda June said...

Excellent interview. I, too, am of the used-to-hate Kathy Griffin group, but now I'm not sure. I admire her plastic surgery.

And well done you for refusing to answer CP's childish popularity question. He knows everyone likes him best and is just trying to make me cry.

X. Dell said...

(1) Nobody's naturally telegenic. That's why everyone wears makeup. You would look just as good as the rest of them do. But, of course, you don't want to wear pancake makeup once a week (which, of course is better than wearing pancake mix once a week).

(2) You'll like Jersey. It's an interesting place populated by people orignially from Brooklyn.

BeckEye said...

Cube - And I'm answering your comment. So nyah.

Tanya - Leave it to Dale to ask all the right questions.

Turnbaby - Maybe people with shorter than average vocal chords are better singers. Like how Einstein's brain was supposedly smaller than average. Something like that.

Dale - Of course you can be in the Lifetime movie, but they'd probably put you in a small role. The lead male has to be played by Jack Scalia, Joe Penny or Tim Matheson. (I still think Matheson is hot, even though he's like 70 by now.)

Les - Perhaps you could do a TV show from an alley. It would give you serious street cred.

Barbara - I'd probably get swarmed and kicked to death after the show by a pack of angry 8 year olds, but it would be a good death.

CP - Then, I guess I'll have to blogroll you THREE times! Beat that!

Bond - What would Melinda Doolittle do? She would do the meme, with a sheepish grin on her face. And so will I.

WP - Psssh. Yeah, books! Who needs 'em! Books ain't hardly ever learned me nuthin'.

Moviequill - I think that song is from the new Adam Sandler/Don Cheadle movie. Is it even out in theatres anymore? It must've tanked.

Melinda - I don't play favorites...unless I get paid.

X.Dell - I lived in Jersey last year. I didn't like it one bit. Well, I should clarify that I lived in Jersey City, which is a total shithole. A lot of the rest of the state seemed fairly nice.

cube said...


X. Dell said...

I share your feelings about Jersey City. Maplewood/S. Orange area is kinda cool, though.


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