Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Adopted Bundle of Joy

Turns out, I'm a terrible "mother." Splotchy had to point out to me that today is Joe Pantoliano's birthday. As most of you know, I adopted Joey Pants from Splotchy's Character Actor Adoption Agency a while back and I couldn't have been happier to welcome him into my family. If, for no other reason, than because he reminds me of one universal truth: swearing is cool.

Anyway, let's all raise a glass to Joey on his big day and then spend the rest of the evening playing with his soundboard. Click below to start the profanity!


Anonymous said...

Being profane is neither cool nor clever ya know!

Bubs said...


Les Becker said...

I'm still mad at you for getting him before I did. And you obviously don't know how to take care of him, either. Forgot his birthday - for shame!

Malcolm: said...

I had a fuckin' great time playing with that soundboard! I'll have to pull out my copy of "Bound" this weekend because I am pretty sure that one of Joe's lines from that movie is on the soundboard.

Travis said...

So the soundboard is demented and I liked it. Hmmmmm.

Happy Birthday Joey Pants!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So now I've got the soundboard AND the virtual bubble wrap to keep me from doing any work.

Turnbaby said...

I LOVED tha Soundboard--especially "It ain't no big fuckin' deal"


pistols at dawn said...

Joey Pants curses so much because some people forget his birthday.


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