Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'll Make Friends with Words Again Later

Kids, mama pulled a muscle in her back yesterday, which is why she hasn't gotten back to blogging yet. I should be in the mood again later tonight. Right now, I'm basking in the glow of Ben-Gay fumes and the fact that I've finally cracked the "30 comment" mark here. I owe it all to Holden Caulfield, that crazy kid.

Pulling muscles from myself...pulling muscles from myself...
(Since my name is not Michelle, and I didn't pull this muscle pulling mussels, I have to improvise.)

In the meantime, vote for my blog! Dale is dangerously close to taking that $25 from my very needy hands and, well, let me tell you something about Dale. He is very well-dressed. He sees 10 Broadway shows a year, at least. He was the original Darrin Stevens. Plus, he's ten feet tall and owns a yacht. He doesn't need that $25. I do. I will put it in a high-yield savings account, and in 15 years I'll finally be able to finance my dream Broadway musical, Zabka! Now, you all want to see that, don't you?? Ok then, vote!


Skylers Dad said...

You get my vote, just cause I'm easy like that! Take care of your back - Epson salts works nice for that. Soak in the tub with them.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Dale paid me $25.00 just to vote for him. Yikes!

pistols at dawn said...

I am so tired of voting. First for a president four years ago, now this...I officially hate democracy. Can't Stalin just tell us who has the best blog already?

I hope your back is feeling strong (like Comrade Stalin) soon!

chelene said...

What's with the back? Are you and Glenn still at it?

Tanya Espanya said...

I'm voting for you.

You better send up some treats for me when you see Dale.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Get better and you have my sympathy vote today.

Besides, Dale seeing that many Broadway shows with the American/Canadian dollar exchange rate? He might not have a yacht, but he definitely can afford a good boat.

Dale said...

Your story has touched my heart. I will sell my yacht to help finance your dream musical. It's based on your love of Glenn am I right? Fuck, now I'm even voting for you!

Bubs said...

I voted for you, again. And again.

But remember, if I win I'm offering patronage jobs.

Beth said...

I voted for you!

Have you also been Googled with "pulling muscles from Michelle"? Makes me giggle.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Stop pulling muscles from Michelle already! I voted for you. And all the other cool kids.

BeckEye said...

Skyler's Dad - Thanks! We don't have a tub. Just a stand-up shower. Ah, New York.

Suzel - See, he doesn't need the money. He's mad with power, I tellz ya!

Pistols - Let's pretend this is Iraq. Vote for me or I'll cut off your hand, mmkay?

Chelene - Oh...the thought of that just made me feel better. But unfortunately, no. I guess I just slept all wonky and pulled a muscle.

Tanya - Thanks. I will send you many naked pictures of Dale's treats if I win.

WP - Yay! I'm not above taking the sympathy vote.

Dale - *Sigh* Could it be that you don't know who Zabka is? I will have to devote a post to my pie-in-the-sky Broadway dreams.

Bubs - I thank you, again and again!

Beth - Thanks! And yes, I have been. But not as much as for eye boogers and Popeye porn.

Barbara - What other cool kids?? I'll kick their asses! This is my turf!

X. Dell said...

I like you both. Can't you both win?


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