Sunday, September 30, 2007

Voulez-Vous Plus d'ABBA?

Anyone wanting to know how Friday night's ABBA party was should head over to Coaster Punchman's site for his recap. His account mistakenly puts me in gold lamé instead of silver, but everything else is pretty much spot-on. Well, his timeline may be a bit off because I could swear that it was after 2:30 when I finally decided to go home. I was the sober one, so you should probably take my word for it.

I will say that the ABBA party provided a few laughs but wasn't that exciting. I had a much better time when we hopped back in our time machine and traveled to 1984 - a time when college kids and gays roamed the floors of The Pyramid Club. Luckily, my ensemble for the evening worked for the late '70s and early '80s, allowing me to transition flawlessly.

Until I come up with something to write about (and hey, the Rock of Love finale is tonight!) I am giving you yet another ABBA video. This is one I'd never seen until Friday night. No matter what songs were playing, the video screens always had ABBA videos playing on mute. When CP, Poor George and I saw this video, we all were a bit frightened and had no idea what song it was for. I looked it up on YouTube today and found that it was "Chiquitita." It's really not all that exciting, but it made us all shriek with nervous laughter when we saw the very famous snowman sitting behind the band. While ABBA may have disappeared when disco died, that creepy snowman obviously went on to become a huge B-movie star.


pistols at dawn said...

I loved him in Jack Frost.

Dale said...

I want photos of the lamé or a video, with or without Snowman.

Coaster Punchman said...

This video also features the classic pained expression of Agnetha. Thanks for pointing that out as well!

X. Dell said...

These are the first two Abba videos that I have ever seen. I never knew what they looked like.

The "Waterloo" video takes me back to my preteen years. I didn't know you were into ancient history.

Malcolm: said...

I bought "Jack Frost" on VHS for my niece way back when. I love the scene where he smashes the ornament in the mouth of one of his victims.

Bubs said...

1-Creepy snowmen are nearly as cool as creepy clowns, albeit less likely to sexually assault you, and

2-You can't have too many ABBA videos

Zed said...

Is there a reason you have decided to torture your beloved fellow bloggers with ABBA again? Will this be happening tomorrow as well? And the day after? Please, show us some mercy, I beg you.

BTW, don't tell Dale (or tell him, whatever) but I'm voting for you again. Shhhhh!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How very forward thinking of you to go with the silver lame, allowing you to skip through the decades at your slightly whimsy. You could never have done that in GOLD lame.

chelene said...

When I heard gold lame, I thought "hmmm", but then I found out you really wore silver and I said, "oh, that's hot". Silver is the color of retro!


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