Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween and The Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Happy Halloween!

I hope all 2 of you who read my ANTM recaps will forgive me for going out tonight and missing the show.

Because it was the first song that came to mind (that I didn't feature last Halloween), and I don't feel like sitting here for an hour trying to think of something better...this week's video will be "All You Zombies" by The Hooters.


Dale said...

It was a recap show low on the bloggability factor so you're safe but you'd better be there next week when I need you! Oh, Tyra did talk to the girls about body image and someone from a previous 'cycle' came in and said how she was pressured to lose weight and called Tyra. Tyra told her to explore options and stay true to herself. The girl then told everyone how she lost the weight!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have to love how fellow bloggers will step in and fill in those crucial missing puzzle pieces.

That said, hooters and zombies are an inspired combination!

Bond said...

WHAT WHAT WHAT NO ANTM recap???!!!???

heheheheheh going out on Halloween is SO much more important.

Edge said...

Ahhh loves me some Hooters, and not just the music.


pistols at dawn said...

The first time I ever did karaoke was to "And We Danced," and the crowd had never heard the song. It was crushing, and left me yearning for my very own bebop baby on a hard day's night.

Scott said...

This makes me want to revisit the entire Hooters catalogue.

Malcolm: said...

In my opinion, one of the forgotten bands of the 80s. Another tune of theirs that I liked was "Day By Day".


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