Thursday, November 15, 2007

ANTM 9, Week 8

Last night, on America's Top Model, the girls said words while I half-listened and waited for the new season of Project Runway to start! It would be a two-hour wait, so I settled in with some pizza and made enough mental notes to write a half-assed recap of ANTM.

Benny Ninja visited the modelettes again and took them to the Fashion Institute of Something Something for the week's challenge. It just so happened that the same night of Project Runway's debut, the ANTM challenge involved fledgling designers and a runway show! Oh, those smarty-pants TV programming execs. All the girls were paired up with design students, who were to create outfits for each "muse" based on their individual personalities. Then, each girl modeled their outfits on the runway, stopping to tell the crowd how they inspired them. Saleisha and Jenah rose to the occasion, while Heather and Lisa floundered. Saleisha won the challenge and the honor of doing a photo shoot for Seventeen, while Heather got all emo after getting her first bad critique.

Upon arriving home, Heather "called" the shower, not realizing that "calling" anything is the surest way to not get it. When Saleisha and Lisa got in the shower first, Heather stripped down and stormed the bathroom like Norman Bates. Instead of just laughing it off and letting Heather have her "bad day," the other girls made sure she got into a huge lather by picking on her even more. The whole "Heather unravels" segment of the show dragged on much too long, especially considering that all of America knows that the girl has Asperger's, a form of autism. Hey, look! The autistic girl is having trouble adjusting to a social situation! Let's all point and laugh!

Heather took her foul mood with her to the photo shoot, the theme of which was "I was driving through the desert in my sweet sports car; it spontaneously combusted and now I'm stranded, pissed and thirsty but I still look fierce." (Yeah, they're almost out of ideas.) Golden girl Jenah did well yet again, as Chantal and Bianca re-discovered their inner divas and turned in great photos. Meanwhile, Lisa and Ambreal joined Heather at the bottom of the pack.

Before elimination, Tyra announced to the girls that they would be going to China next week. All but one, of course. The producers were obviously looking for more ways to up the cattiness factor of the show, because that was a dick move. Usually, the cast trip isn't announced until the beginning of an episode, so that all of the remaining contestants get to go. This was like rubbing the cast-off's nose in the reward she wouldn't be getting.

At judging, Heather narrowly escaped being in the Bottom 2, but everyone knew that she wasn't going anywhere. One bad photo and a tirade weren't going to undo all the good pics she had taken up to that point. It came down to Lisa and Ambreal and, not surprisingly, Ambreal was finally let go after enjoying her two-week stay of execution.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I'm sure you'll all be giving thanks that there will be no ANTM post from me!


pistols at dawn said...

I wonder how fierce these ladies look, and also if Tyra can go a show without mentioning that word.

Dale said...

I liked the part where Tyra said 'this lion says we're going to China!'. It was a dragon wasn't it?


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