Friday, November 30, 2007

ANTM 9, Weeks 9 and 10

Week 9

I didn't think there would be a new episode during Thanksgiving week, therefore I was completely unprepared and didn't take any notes. Now, I can't really remember what happened. I know they all went to Shanghai, learned some martial arts poses and did Cover Girl commercials. Heather could not get her lines right, so Jay basically had to feed them to her which annoyed the other models. She still didn't do well, so I don't know what they were whining about. Lisa and Heather found themselves in the Bottom 2, and la lovely Lisa was sent home. Well, she'll always have that Enrique Iglesias video. I'm sure that's not much consolation.

Week 10

This week marked the "go-see" portion of America's Next Top Model, which means that it will all be over soon. For those who don't know, "go-sees" are when the models "go" and "see" different fashion houses in the hopes of booking a runway show or photo shoot. Everyone was reminded repeatedly that go-sees are "all about personality," and then there were several lingering shots of Jenah and Heather looking mortified because the judges have warned them both about their personality flaws. Strange that uber-bitch, Bianca, didn't look scared.

Even stanger is that when Bianca went on her first go-see, the guy said that she was "very friendly." Ah well, modeling is all about faking it, right? Saleisha did quite well in that department, acting way too nicey-nice and giving everyone a toothache. Chantal complained about how much Saleisha kissed ass on her go-sees, but then she acted the exact same way on hers. Jenah was ecstatic when one prospect compared her to Christy Turlingon, but then any slightly negative comments just elicited from her an eye-roll and "whatever." Poor Heather got lost and only managed to get to one go-see. Then she lost her cabbie and wasted time walking around looking for it.

Every cycle, it is drilled into the models' heads that the most important thing about the go-sees is to get back to their agency on time. For some reason, no one has learned this in nine seasons of this show. Heather was just plain lost, but Jenah and Chantal thought they could squeeze in an appointment or two at the last minute. Hence, Saleisha and Bianca were the only ones to make it back on time and the other three were disqualified from the challenge. Bianca booked three clients and won the challenge. Her prize was a giant, floating billboard for the 2008 Olympics adorned with her giant head.

When the girls got to their photo shoot, they discovered that super stud, Nigel Barker, would be their photographer. They were all a bit nervous to be posing for one of the judges, and Jenah tried to compose herself by being sarcastic and annoying. That really didn't sit well with Nigel, and it obviously didn't calm Jenah's nerves either, as she struggled to get a good shot. Then, as Heather was doing her shoot, Jenah blathered on loudly in the background about how much better she would've "worked it" if she had Heather's dress. This prompted a stern warning from SexyBarker that there was "too much noise coming from the peanut gallery." How many hints do the producers think we need to know that Jenah is going to be in the Bottom 2?

At panel, each girl was judged on how well she did on the go-sees and the week's photo. Saleisha was picked first to continue on, since Nigel said she was his favorite subject to shoot. Everyone loved her picture and said that she had finally made the transition from "cute" to "edgy." Next up was Bianca, who won the challenge but sucked in the photo shoot. The judges thought her body position was great, but her facial expression looked "dead." Chantal, once again, was in the middle of the pack. She had been disqualified from the challenge, but the judges still liked her Barbie-ness.

As you should've guessed by now, Jenah and Heather were in the Bottom 2. Tyra explained that even though both girls had taken beautiful photos throughout the competition, they both had problems communicating. Heather's issues obviously stemmed from having Asperger's syndrome, and Jenah's problem was just pure arrogance. Unbelievably, fan-favorite (and my early pick to win) Heather was sent packing. I'm happy to report that she didn't cry, and I have no doubt that she will find success in modeling.

With my winner gone, let's take a look at my original predicitions for the girls who are left:
Bianca - 10:1
Chantal - 3:1
Jenah - 10:1
Saleisha - 5:1

I really don't think that Chantal will win it all. She's too generic. Jenah is a bit too similar to CariDee from two cycles ago. Bianca simply can't win because that would be like telling young girls that they need to be nasty, selfish wenches to succeed. Sure, Eva from Cycle 3 was kind of a bitch, but she straightened out and actually became likable at some point. Besides that, she was stunningly beautiful, which Bianca is not.

I think it will come down to Jenah and Saleisha, (or maybe even Chantal and Saleisha) with Saleisha walking away the winner.

Next week, the girls head to Beijing for a Great Wall shoot and...what? Bianca does something bitchy?? What a turn of events! Don't miss it! Or at least don't miss my recap.


pistols at dawn said...

I feel like I could make up names and play along. I can't believe Krysta beat out Gemma! No way!

Alice said...

i think they're totally editing jenah to look like more of a bitch than she is, because otherwise there's no reason for us to hate her. also, SHE TAKES REALLY GOOD PHOTOS. just because twiggy doesn't want to go home and make out with her doesn't mean she should be in the bottom two.

i did actually agree that heather should be cut this week, though, despite her being an early fave for me too. but she clearly isn't cut out for this if a few bad reviews make her completely implode.

it KILLS ME that saleisha is probably going to win. she's annoying as crap and i don't think she's any good. boo.

Dale said...

That Jenna takes nice photos but she's dog ugly the rest of the time or is that just me?

I'm glad the Ass Burger finally went home. I disagree that she'll make it with the eye contact problem and not being able to follow the simplest of instructions.


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