Friday, November 23, 2007

Project Runway 4, Week 2

It was revealed that this week's design challenge would be to create an outfit for a pop culture icon. That's right, the designers got to dress ME!!

Oh, no. I must have dreamt that. The icon wasn't me, it was SJP. Whatever.

Boy, when Sarah Jessica Parker showed up, you'd think that Jesus had just returned to Earth. Everyone near pissed themselves, especially the gays. Chris wept openly and revealed that he, along with a million other severely let-down people, moved to New York City because of Sex and the City.

Before I continue, I must do this little PSA: No one is getting that much sex in this city. You do not meet a different guy every time you turn a corner. Being over 30 and single in NYC is just as difficult as being over 30 and single in Podunk. And no one can afford to buy five pairs of $300 shoes a month and still have an awesome apartment on the Upper East Side.

I also have to say that SJP looked great. A lot of folks think she's ugly and a lot of folks think she's beautiful. I've always thought she's somewhere in between, with the ability to shift to one or the other extreme. Generally, her hairstyle is what makes or breaks her. That curly, brown bob she sported in Sex and the City's first season? Atrocious. The signature long, blonde wavy mane? Fabulous. For her appearance on PR, her hair was long, but it was a bit straighter and a golden-brown color.

Anyway, after all the sobbing and carrying on, SJP told the designers that they were to create a two-piece ensemble for her new clothing line, Bitten. Since her line is high-end sportswear at affordable prices, the challenge for the designers was to create an outfit that would retail for less than $40, which translated to only a $15 budget for materials. They all got a chance to sketch an idea and Sarah would pick her seven favorite designs. Those designers would be team leaders and each pick a teammate to help create the design. To lift everyone's spirits after dropping the budgetary bomb, SJP announced that the winning design could be sold in Steve and Barry's stores nationwide.

The teams were as follows:

Elisa (leader) and Sweet Pea - Everyone was shocked that Elisa was chosen. SJP said she thought the design was "quite ambitious" but I thought she was just following her morbid curiosity. Elisa revealed, much to Sweet Pea's horror, that she likes to "spit-mark" her clothes. Why? Because it "imbibes them with energy." Ok, we get it, producers. Elisa is weird.
Kit (leader) and Chris - I thought Chris was going to jump off a bridge when he wasn't chosen as team leader, but he was happy to be teamed up with "youthful" Kit.
Victorya (leader) and Kevin - SJP was interested to see how Victorya could make her "simple" design something special.
Marion (leader) and Steve - The two quiet men set out to create something "sophisticated."
Ricky (leader) and Jack - Ricky took a break from his incessant crying to design a "sexy" little dress.
Christian (leader) and Carmen - SJP thought the design looked "complicated," and wanted to see if Christian could pull it off.
Rami (leader) and Jillian - Sarah (and I) appreciated that Rami's design was created with women of all sizes in mind.

And now, the designs:

L-R: Rami/Jillian, Christian/Carmen, Ricky/Jack, Elisa/Sweet P, Kit/Chris, Victorya/Kevin, and Marion/Steven

(Click image to enlarge - photos from Bravo and Blogging Project Runway.)

The judges called out Team Elisa and Team Victorya as the two best and Team Marion and team Christian as the worst. As you can see, Marion and Steve's dress was some kind of Pocohontas-inspired burlap sack that was just a mess. Everyone dissed Christian and Carmen's design as "too '80s." Hrrrmph. As if anything can be "too '80s." I thought it was just plain ugly.

In the end, SJP picked Victorya's design to be sold as part of her collection. Marion and Steve's design was determined the worst, and team leader Marion was auf'd. Although I certainly agree with the "worst," I'm not feeling either of the two "best." My faves were Ricky's cute little dress and Kit's sweater and leggings combo.

Whose design did you like the best?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I actually liked the winning design. Victoria has done the best stuff so far from week to week.

Moxie said...

I liked Ricky's dress and Kit's outfit too. I think Kit might well make the final 3 - she's confident without being a dillhole, and she brings her A-game to the challenges. Next time I'm near the Steve & Barry's store I'm gonna check out SJP Bitten. Any clothes that are $20 or less per piece sound like they might be worth a look.

Leonesse said...

I love the Ricky dress. I haven't seen the show but know I would like it. Our oldest went to FIDM. Her fashion show was amazing and was held at the Highland, next door to the Kodak Theater.


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