Saturday, December 01, 2007

Project Runway 4, Week 3

Week 3 opened with everyone a bit sad that Marion was cast out last week. I guess he was a good egg. The always funny Chris suggested that the judges "should've gotten rid of Christian, then no one would've cried." Christian heard this, and everyone shared a good laugh, though something tells me that Chris wasn't being entirely jocular.

Unlike last week, when they nearly died after meeting SJP, the gays all shared a collective blank stare upon meeting former Giants running back, Tiki Barber. Of course, all the designers wore blank stares when they realized that they would be designing menswear this time around, with which none of them are really familiar. Tiki, now a sports correspondent, announced that he would wear the winning design on Today, which made everyone feel simultaneously excited and nauseous. Chris tried to put things in perspective by proclaiming that "pants are just two big sleeves sewn together." I was really hoping that meant that he would be making some Prince-inspired assless number but, alas, that was not to be.

The models were brought in and, as you might imagine, they were all boys this time. The girls, the gays and I were all very excited about this new development. Kevin was left to point out, once again, that he was the lone straight man on the show, while Elisa, once again, demonstrated her weirdness by refusing to look at or touch her model because she "has a boyfriend." Ok then. I'm surprised that she was able to make any garment at all with that attitude.

All of the designers seemed to have problems. Tiki Barber's cyborg wife stopped by the studio to check in on everyone's progress. Carmen and Ricky had a minor bitch-fight. I mumbled to myself that this would've been much more interesting if they had been designing an outfit for Jerome Bettis.

Most of the designs reflected the designers' inexperience with menswear, but there were a few good ensembles.

1. Jillian, 2. Carmen, 3. Christian, 4. Kit, 5. Rami, 6. Sweet P, 7. Kevin, 8. Ricky, 9. Steven, 10. Jack, 11. Victorya, 12. Chris, 13. Elisa

Click to enlarge - photo from Blogging Project Runway

At judging, Heidi called out the 3 best (Kit, Jack and Kevin) and 3 worst (Carmen, Sweet P and Ricky). I really liked Kevin's three-piece outfit and thought the purple shirt was totally hot. Tiki liked the construction of the suit, but wasn't a fan of the purple. He picked Jack's simple two piece look, which was nice but I thought there were too many stripes involved. Jack proved himself to be a really sweet guy throughout the whole episode, so I feel bad now for calling him a "Monet" in my Week 1 recap.

Ricky and Carmen were the bottom two - Ricky because his suit was boring and sloppy and Carmen because she didn't even finish a shirt for her outfit. Ricky was spared and lived to cry another day, while Carmen got the ultimate kiss-off from Heidi.

Sorry gays and gals, I couldn't find any photos of the male models in their skivvies.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I nearly cried when they let Carmen go. I've got the hots for her, but honestly, that giantic jewelery has got to go.

Moxie said...

Carmen was so 1986, it creeped me out. And I agree with you about the stripe-o-rama that was Jack's outfit.

cube said...

I haven't made the time to watch a single PR this season. Maybe I still have a bad taste in my mouth from last season's winner... the tattoo-necked asshole Jeffrey. Blech. Pass the Listerine.

Anonymous said...

OK but what about that freakin collar on Sweet P's shirt? THAT was baaaaaaad. I thought she was the one who should have been KO'd.

Alice said...

hooray! i finally caught up on my ANTM and PR so i can read your reviews now too!

a) OMG TIKI I LOVE YOU MARRY ME. i was so upset no one knew who he was. i know who you are tiki! i'll fawn!

b) i really liked kevin's piece too! i was so annoyed at heidi when she dissed it with the beckham comment. (first off, BECKHAM IS HOT, and dresses well. secondly, tiki SAID he wanted color. SHEESH JUDGES)


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