Friday, December 14, 2007

Project Runway 4, Week 5

Okay, so I lied when I said last week would be my last Project Runway recap. But, I just have to celebrate because...

Chris is back! Chris is back! Yay, Chris is back!!

As you can tell, I'm a big Chris fan and was very sad when he was auf'd on the last episode. The reason he got to come back is rather unfortunate, however. Poor Jack developed a staph infection on his face that seemed to be growing by the minute. Being HIV-positive, Jack is at even greater risk for those nasty staph infections that seem to be plaguing everyone these days. He mentioned that this latest one was his third in the past year, and therefore had to leave the show to have "more aggressive treatment." I assume that meant that he got to spend a week in the hospital hooked up to IV antibiotics. I've been there and I feel his pain. At the rate we're going, I'm guessing that by the year 2010 every single living human will have had at least one case of MRSA. That shit's insane. But I'm not going on one of those rants. Back to the show!

The designers were stripped of their models in favor of - gasp - regular women! Each woman had recently lost a significant amount of weight, and the designers' challenge was to create new outfits for the ladies' slimmer bods using material from clothes that didn't fit anymore. It was really an interesting concept, but of course some of the contestants just whined about how they weren't used to designing for non size-twos. If these designers ever hope to be successful, don't they think they might occasionally have to make an outfit for someone who isn't 36-24-36? But oh, I forgot. Women who wear above a size 8 don't really deserve to wear cute clothes. At least that's the message I get every time I go shopping. But I'm not going on one of those rants. Back to the show!

Some of the designers were very excited to dress everyday women, especially Kevin and Ricky. Ricky showed his excitement as he always does, with a copious flow of lachrymal fluid. (Thanks to Daffy Duck for that colorful phrase!) Steven seemed to be on board with the idea, but was mortified that his model brought her wedding dress along. All he could do was squint and sweat while sputtering a few words like "polyester" and "beading" over and over. In the end, he used a completely different fabric (each designer was allowed to spend $10 on additional materials) instead of taking advantage of the golden opportunity to show the judges some real creativity by hacking up that wedding dress.

Here's a look at the final designs:

1. Christian; 2. Elisa; 3. Kevin; 4. Victorya; 5. Chris; 6. Jillian; 7. Kit; 8. Steven; 9. Rami; 10. Sweet P; 11. Ricky

Click to enlarge. Photo from Blogging Project Runway.

Kevin, Christian and Jillian had the highest scores while Steven, Elisa and Chris had the lowest. It was then that my roommate and I started chanting, "Hell no, Chris can't go!" Well, not really, but we were feeling it inside.

I didn't understand why everyone loved Jillian's dress so much. I didn't think it was figure flattering at all. If I had just lost a ton of weight and some girl made me a dress that made me look fat, I would use her for a pincushion. But, whatever. She wasn't the winner. It was Christian, Queen of New York's time to shine! I liked his outfit, but I thought Kevin should've won. I think Kevin thought so too.

Thankfully, they didn't bring Chris back just to send him packing again. The Bottom Two were Elisa and Steven, and Private First Class Downey was dishonorably discharged. How sad that I finally came up with a nickname for Steven and he had to go! And before he could even pull a code red on Ricky. I can't find a picture of the guy I'm talking about, but you've all seen A Few Good Men. If you haven't, turn on TNT or TBS right now. Chances are, it's on.


Coffee-Drinking Woman said...

The person wearing Jillian's dress in that photo wears it well, even though it's not figure flattering

more a comment on the model, than the dress I think...

pistols at dawn said...

I feel like you have a closer relationship to these people than to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I've got a whole lot of pamphlets if you need any.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's actually a few butt-ugly outfits in there. Is that on purpose? Or are they just lousy designers?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Kevin's outfit was the best. Even though she DID wear leggings, the top was amazing.

I thought of you when they brought Chris back and was hoping you'd make a triumphant return. I wonder how many people were pissed off they let him go. I was in agreement with you about the actual dress he made last week, she should have taken off the shoulder padded jacket to let the judges see the dress itself. But none of that matter because chris is back ! YAY

Manx said...

I'm happy for you your Chris is back. He was the appropriate choice to bring back because he had one of the most genuine and entertaining personalities.

Let's hope that he sheds his costumey ways with his designs. He did "sailor" it up a notch with this week's outfit. Although I'm willing to give him the benefit because he had to cram and pull an all-nighter.

But if he doesn't, I fear the judges will only pounce on him more in the near future.

So let's enjoy Chris while he's still around. I'm sure he'll be crying this week too. Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker.

Moxie said...

Yay! Another recap! Every season when the designers have to do a real-world challenge there are always a bunch of whiners saying they can't do it. I am not a size 2 either so cry me a river, Christian and Steve.

Speaking of Steve, I don't understand why he didn't attempt to make a cute beaded shift or camisole from the wedding dress and then add a jacket in a nice navy wool/cashmere blend to it. I also thought his model was a bit loopy to choose her wedding dress as her "favorite outfit". Ehh.


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