Friday, December 28, 2007

The Year in TV and Movies

You'll notice that I'm combining my 2007 TV and Movie recaps into one post. My reasons:

A. I'm lazy
B. I'm technically still on vacation
C. I watch a lot of crap TV (which I've already covered) and I rarely go to the movies

Therefore, I'm not sure that I have anything of interest to say, but when has that ever stopped me?

Best TV Show: The Office (NBC) - I was going to break TV shows up into best comedy/best drama á la The Golden Globes, but then I realized that I don't regularly watch that many dramas. C.S.I. (CBS)used to be my favorite show but The Office, which is on at the same time, just got to be so good that I chose to watch it instead. Unfortunately, I don't have TiVo or a VCR that works so I can't really catch up on C.S.I. at another time. I suppose I'll have to wait until it's in reruns or when the season comes out on DVD. I also never get to watch Supernatural (CW) anymore, since it's also on in that time slot. But I don't feel that bad about all this because there is no better or funnier show on TV right now than The Office. And to think, only a year or two ago I said that I "couldn't get into it." Back then I thought My Name is Earl was the best show on TV, but...

Most Disappointing TV Show: My Name is Earl (NBC) - I still watch it and like it but since they put Earl in prison, basically killing the premise of the show, it's lost a lot of its sparkle. There are probably more shows deserving of this title, but I put it here because of the sharp drop in quality from last year to this year. I have no idea why the writers wanted to mess with a winning formula.

Worst TV Show: Gossip Girl (CW) - My roommate forced me to watch this a few times, since it came on right after America's Next Top Model. The show is just pure shit, and I'm not saying that because I can't relate to the teen mindset. I certainly can. But to me, this show seems to be an inside look at how slutty celebutantes like Paris Hilton are created and I'm not interested in that. Actually the worst part of the show isn't even the action, it's that annoying narrator. If I have to hear her over-enunciate "Upper East Siders" one more time, I will kill my roommate because he's probably the reason I'll be hearing it.

Best Commercial - It's a toss-up between these two:

Movie of the Year - Well, since I only saw Hairspray and The Simpsons Movie in the theater, and only one of those starred John Travolta, I'll have to say Hairspray. Which means...

Best Actor: John Travolta - What, you were expecting Zac Efron? (Nothing against Zac...he's a doll.)

Best Actress: I don't know. Either Queen Latifah or Marge Simpson, I guess.

Actor I Never Really Liked Before Who Won Me Over This Year: James Marsden - My roommate always thought he was hot, but he was always too "pretty" for my taste. After I saw him in Hairspray though, I had to admit that he was pretty darn good-looking. I was also surprised that he was such a good singer.

Best Movie Soundtrack: Into the Wild - Ha, fooled you. Hairspray had a lot of good songs, but the album of all Eddie Vedder tunes wins. Not to mention that it's the only 2007 movie soundtrack that I own.

I guess that's it. I promise that my Year in Music wrap-up on Sunday will be much more interesting. (And interactive!)


Les Becker said...

Merry Ho-Ho and Happy New Year, and all that crap!

I've gotta tell you that everytime I see the animals singing in the Jeep commercial, I can only think that the commercial just doesn't fly in Canuckia - there's just not enough carnage.

That second one, now... THAT GUY is the reason I won't walk in a bar anymore (that could be a Canuckian phenomena, too, mind you).

Anyhoo... Happy Almost 2008 - I hope to do my NYC tour this year, so I may be emailing you for a personal guided subway experience. We could shoot us some rats, maybe?

Dale said...

Happy New Year lazy Beckeye. Movie of the year? I hope someone gave you movie passes for Christmas!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's scary how the Office just keeps getting better, even though Pam and Jim got together, but I'm now kinda glad I blew off My Name is Earl to watch Survivor this season. Cause that little gay Mormon flight attendant was da bomb!

SkylersDad said...

I love both of those commercials also! On the second one, when I first heard the Flashdance soundtrack I thought Oh no, they aren't, are they?

Slave to the dogs said...

I was thrilled with Earl last year but I don't even watch it anymore. I don't get why they scrapped the formula either.

I never watched the Jeep commercial all the way through until now. That coyote is hilarious!

Travis said...

Can we vote for best commercial? If so, then I cast my vote for the Rock Me Gently Jeep commercial.

I mean come on! It's Rock Me Gently!

Heehee! Best wishes for some lively AI reviews in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I love the Jeep commercial. I'm with you on Earl too. You are too wise. So wise that I'll even except your nomination of John Travolta as best actor.

Happy New Year!

Distributorcap said...

the Jeep commercial is great

as for worst TV show --- i still and always will vote for American Idol -- tho it is good for lots of humor

Alice said...

OH MY GOD... i had never seen that kia commercial before. THANK YOU.

X. Dell said...

I guess I should see Hairspray, but I've seen so many disappointing remakes lately that I have cold feet.

Not familiar with Gossip Girl, for I don't watch much TV (I'm a radio junkie). Doesn't soudn like my cup of tea either.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I think Zac Efron would get my daughter's vote (along with all of the other 12-year old girls on the planet).

Moxie said...

Both commercials crack me up every time they are on. My boyfriend particularly likes the Kia one, and insists he will stage his own version in a crowded bar at some point. Yeesh.

pistols at dawn said...

I do like The Office, but I've only seen like 5 episodes because I categorically refuse to watch TV that isn't football. So, 5 episodes in my book makes me a huge fan.

LoraLoo said...

I was disappointed by "My Name is Earl" this season, as well... in fact I stopped watching it.

Coaster Punchman said...

I FINALLY was able to rent Season One of "The Office." (I had already watched the entier Britcom series in two days.) Why were there only 6 episodes? That doesn't sound like a "season" to me. I demand a recount!

Playing Rock Guitar said...

I kinda went off the Simpsons after I watched the movie and I thought the movie was actually good.
I can't watch the Office, makes me cringe too much.


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