Friday, January 25, 2008

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Let's start the weekend off right with a bit of arena rock-balladry!

You might ask why, of all the cheesy Journey videos out there, I would pick "I'll Be Alright Without You," from their 1986 near-death offering, Raised on Radio. Well, I guess it's just because I had a hankering for the days when Steve Perry was rockin' the Philip Pelusi mall-girl 'do. Apparently, he was also rummaging through Sam Harris's closet.

Ok, you got me. My real reasons for posting this have nothing to do with Steve. (Sorry, Pistols.) It's all about The Dawg! Feel the funky fresh flava of Randy Jackson on bass! This is a hot one, yo! He's blowin' it out the box!!


Slave to the dogs said...

Hell, I had no idea Randy was an actual musician. What fun!

pistols at dawn said...

You can say it's about Randy, but I'm amazed he's able to levitate like that when Steve's so busy stealing the goddamned stage out from under his feet.

Edge said...

Ahhh yes it was the beginning of the end of Journey. Great song. Rest of the album was mediocre. I have it on vinyl.

Perry killed Journey as has been well documented. I only wish they would have kicked Perry out before this album.

I was so disappointed when we saw Journey in concert last summer. The new Steve Perry clone was sick so we got some guy from another band singing. He couldn't hit the high notes. I was disappointed, but they still rocked.


Doc said...

Wow! If Randy's pants were any tighter we could see if he was circumsized! No wonder it says love down one pants leg!


BeckEye said...

Slave - Oh, you must not watch American Idol very often then. He's referred to his stint with Journey approximately 5,432 times.

Pistols - Steve has the golden pipes, but come on. Not even he can compete with that much neon and spandex.

Edge - I kept thinking when they show Neil Schon and Steve Perry making "hey rock 'n' roll is so much fun" faces at each other during that performance, that they're really mentally delivering "I hate you" messages back and forth.

Doc - I find the most interesting part of his ensemble the rather out-of-place Gold's Gym shirt.

Bluez said...

I never knew Randy's ass was that big.

M@ said...

What the fug? I thought that was going to totally rock... but then it didn't.


RAHM said...

Journey is coming to Viña del Mar Festival on February 22nd and on February 23rd will appear next to Peter Frampton and Earth Wind & Fire in Santiago


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I was going to make a comment about Journey being the whitest band in the history of the world, and then Randy ruined it all for me. Okay, they just SOUND like the whitest band in the history of the world.

genn6 said...

You're a music-person, too! That's wonderful, we need more of you in this world!

This is my first time checking out your blog, but I've seen you comment on others that I visit and thought I'd check it out.

And congratulations on your Steelers'...they didn't make it all the way but my Browns had a record of 10-6 and Pittsburgh still won the division with injuries all season. (Yes, I"m a Browns fan, but I'm a Ravens-hater, not Steelers...just don't tell anybody!) haha

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Yeah, Friday must've been some kind of weird supernatural Journey Vortex in the space/time continuum or something. Cool vid.


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