Monday, February 04, 2008

Babies and Giants and Paula, Oh My!

In case you missed it, I give you the best Super Bowl commercial series. This baby is so money and he knows it.

E*Trade Baby Buys Stock

E*Trade Baby Rents a Clown

I hope the E*Trade baby takes his fame in stride and doesn't end up in rehab before pre-school.

And in case you missed this, here was the catch of the night. Maybe the catch of the year! No, not Eli Manning's game-winning TD pass to Plaxico "I Finally Learned How to Hold Onto the Ball Now That I'm Not a Steeler" Burress. This was his pass to David Tyree earlier in that drive for first down. Tyree kinda looks like me trying to catch a ball. Except I would've broken my back coming down. And lost the ball.

I don't know what's more impressive - that Tyree managed to hold on to that ball or that Manning managed to get loose and had time to throw it.

Finally, here's something I missed - Paula Abdul's pre-game performance of her new single, "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow." I can't say that I appreciate the lip-synching. And why would Paula lip synch, given the position she's in on American Idol? If I were a contestant and she said anything remotely negative to me (which is rare anyway, unless she's parroting Randy's negative critiques) I'd just be like, "Well at least I can perform live beee-yoootch!" And yes, I would say beeyotch (with the "yotch" an octave higher) because it's the dream of every average schlub to call someone that on national TV. Isn't it?

Anyway, lip synching aside, if I have to compare this to another "heavily anticipated," not to mention heavily sedated, pop songstress's comeback performance, Paula wins. P-Ab's song is standard dance-pop fare, but it's catchy enough. And it sure beats listening to Brit grunt and groan her way through a bunch of tired sexual clichés. As for the performance, Paula is much more entertaining to watch than Britney's languid VMA spectacle. It's gotta make Brit feel good that someone 20 years past her pop prime just outshone her. Hey, isn't Paula older than Britney's mom? Y'all...that's whack.

Don't worry, Brit. No matter how hard Paula tries, your offstage implosions are still much more fun to point and laugh at. But you're both pitchy, yo.


Turnbaby said...

Urgh---never a fan of babies 'talking' ---it's too freaky!

The catch was truly noteworthy--no two ways about it.

And as for Pauler---it's funny but I thought "well she's recognized that there's a void in the "dancing mannequin with a voice fed through a synth" music category. Good on her ;-)

Travis said...

Spot on with the Etrade commercials. And I make sure never to underestimate the creepiness of clowns.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

We didn't get any of the good commercials - they stop them at the border, so you are doing a great service here. We did get to see Tom Petty channelling ZZ Top though. Why did they allow that?

The Guv'ner said...

I really underestimated the creepiness...

That line makes me howl every time. We just won an award for that commercial. I think the dude's voice is spot on for the baby. And the baby is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch any commercials so I'm glad you posted those. Hilarious.

And on the Tyre catch ... no one has talked about Eli getting away from that horde of people. Amazing the throw and the catch.

I had Plaxico last year on my fantasy team. Didn't do squat for me.


CDP said...

You crack me up, dawg.

Alice said...

i.... oh god. i didn't even know about this paula debacle, much less see it on sunday. JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH. i cannot take that woman seriously.

although i CAN watch that manning/tyree clip forever. and ever and ever and ever and ever amen. :-)

pistols at dawn said...

I think that calling ads "clever" means the terrorists win. We've officially gone from a country that celebrates the wit of Mark Twain to one that says through the mouth we're not currently breathing out of, "Gee gawsh, that talkin' baby pukes funny."

Thanks, television.

cube said...

The new Stewey, I mean the E*trade baby, will be fine as long as he doesn't spend any time with Britney Spears' mom.

I have given up trying to figure out the machinations of Paula's mind. She is out there too far for me to fathom.

As far as Tyree's catch goes, let's just say he will never have to pay for another drink in New York! That was an awesome catch.

Barbara said...

I missed the game and all the commercials so THANKS for sharing this one! I don't think I can handle the Paula video!

genn6 said...

If it's any consolation, don't know how many Giants games you've seen this season but Plaxico's dropped most of what Eli passed to him too, until the playoffs of course. ;(

Dale said...

Paula wishes she was forever your girl.


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