Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar Thoughts: 2nd Half Hour

* Two of the "big" awards were handed out - Best Supporting Actor and Actress, won by Javier Bardem and Tilda Swinton, respectively. I haven't seen any of the nominated films this year, so I have absolutely no thoughts on these wins. I'll just say that if Javier Bardem's performance hadn't been so hyped, Hal Holbrook probably would've won the "How Many More Chances Will He Have to Win" Award.

* What in the hell was Tilda Swinton wearing? She was making fun of George Clooney's bat-suit, but she looked like something that just fell out of a bat's ass.

* Owen Wilson and a huge elephant walked into the room to present the Oscar for Best Live-Action Short Film. It was Les Mozart des Pickpockets. YES!! In your face, producers of Il Supplente!!

* Jerry Seinfeld's animated bee showed up again. He should change his name to Bee-yonce.

* The second nominated song, "Raise it Up," was a song that no one has heard from a movie that no one bothered paying to see - August Rush. Maybe I'm still gagging from all the contestants' sob stories on the first few weeks of American Idol, but I'm just not feeling the "my parents left me but I'll make my dreams come true anyway" message. Some of these kids can really sing though. That 11 year-old blew it out the box!

* Travolta sighting #2. Gooooood.


Historical Wit said...

well did you see that guitar worn out from strumming? good stuff.

I have to say I love the international flava this year...

Writeprocrastinator said...

Wha? Becky, I thought you were going to park the 737?

cube said...

Ooooh, more live blogging.

Barbara said...

I didn't see many movies this year either but I did see Gone Baby Gone and Amy Ryan should have got the Oscar (imo). Her character was so unlikeable and so real. Loved it.


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